[Suggestion | Desktop] The top navigation bar should mainly navigate around the forum instead of XboxEra.com

If a user want to go back to a previous level, say, from a post to the posts list of Gaming, it should be directly on the navi bar instead of hidden in a hamburger menu.

I created some mockup to illustrate a possible improved design:

Also I think the forum and xboxera.com should use the same font family, therefore creating brand coherency. In the mockup I used Avenir Next (condensed and non-condensed).


On iPhone desktop view still forces the same scaling (fit to screen size) that people try to get out of when they request desktop view. Not allowing zoom out and in portrait orientation half the bar at the top is inaccessible until you rotate to landscape mode

I agree - I think a single link to the xboxera homepage would be fine whilst the rest of the links should navigate to different areas of the forums

Wonder, why forcing desktop view on the mobile device?

I mean, desktop view is made for reason to take advance of larger screen and space (navigation to main site is visible) and mobile view is for mobile devices where some navigation is cut on purpose to make clean and useful interface.

I think changing to ‘desktop view’ doesn’t work on mobile browsers due to this being a progressive web app? It just adjusts to your screen, so it doesn’t really have a desktop and mobile version. Right?

agree. xbox era should just use windows central for all its content needs. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Who? :laughing:


Desktop version is responsive to some degree, but when you come to forum from mobile device it will recognize it and load / serve / adjust to specific mobile version of forum.

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What’s that, a window repair shop? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, so I can freely copy all the news articles to XboxEra? :wink:

I do try and use Windows Central as the source for forum posts!


Typically I prefer desktop view on websites because it gives me greater overview of the pages. For instance on Reddit in mobile view it’s extremely zoomed in and limited what you see, in desktop view I can zoom out and see half a page at once and zoom in on the area I’m interested in seeing.

So that’s what I was hoping to enable by switching to desktop view, to be able to zoom in and out.

Edit: I did switch back to mobile once I realized that it’s not possible.