Studios that box above their weight?

There are some studios that have a very quick release history, and other ones that take alot of years between game drops. What studios do you think are the most efficient at the moment in a size vs output kinda way? Insomniac on thr PS really seem to be able to crank out quality games quite regularly.

For me the best is class is Asobo studios. They aren’t a massive company by any means. They have created their own game engine which is really high quality, and they seem to release a game nearly every year.

2005 - Nemesis Strike 2006 - Garfield 2007 - Ratatouille 2008 - WALL-E 2009 - Fuel 2009 - Go 2010 - Toy Story 3 2010 - Racket Sports 2010 - Racket Sports Party 2012 - Kinect Rush 2014 - The Crew 2014 - Monopoly Plus 2016 - ReCore 2016 - Couple.of Hololens items 2017 - Zoo Tycoon 2017 - Disneyland Adventures 2018 - The Crew 2 2019 - A plagues Tale 2020 - MS Flight Sim Most likely 2022 will have A Plagues Tale 2.

That’s a heap of output, and really shows why MS should do everything they can to get them as a first party studio.

What other companies are as good as these guys?

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South Park : The Stick of Truth (2014) Pillars of Eternity (2015) Tyranny (2016) Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (2018) The Outer Worlds (2019) Grounded - Early Access (2020)

and according to Jez Corden they’re planning to release a game every year for the next seven years…


Hazelight, Respawn, Supergiant


They made Wall-E? Had no idea had that on 360 and I think I still have the ds version somewhere

Not to mention that they also used to subcontract to other companies as well.

Acid Nerve (Death’s Door).

That game looks and sounds and feels crazy polished for a sub 10 people team (presuming there weren’t like 50 QA people on it from Devolver and such).

I just wanna know if they have any ambitions of growing big, and if so, hope MS is paying attention.

Neon Giant is right up there too of course.


Supergiant Games. Hades, Bastion, Pyre, Transistor… Huge quality for a ridiculously small studio.


Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio release a Yakuza Game every year, which is insane since these are 30-40 hour Stories. But of course they smartly reuse a lot of assets to produce these games. But I think it’s one of the rare cases where people accept it since their stories are so brilliantly told and they change up just enough. In any way, getting out a game every year in this day and age is absolutely impressive no matter how big or small that game would be

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I don’t really think small size studio would benefit them and it’s not the target for them.

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Here me out !

Not a studio but a publisher - Panic!

The first game they published was FireWatch (on Game Pass right now) followed by Untitled Goose Game and Nour ( coming up.

Plus, they are making their own hardware product -

I think thats crazy output for a company that primary made Mac productivity tools

I would say every developer does at one point, some fail and some reach God tier status.

First party | Insomniac since 2018

Third party | Remedy since 2019

JP Company | Arc System Works since 2012

Indie Dev/ Pub | Dotemu since 2017

“Since” is the best era for the studio.

For me Insomniac are not as effective as they say they have staff with more than 400 people in the Studios but Ratchet is a small linear game of 7-8 hours (without Multiplayer) and Spider-Man is an already existing Universe , always on the same map of New York, the game is a small Open World that we cross from one end to the other in 5 min, there is a lot of life, pedestrians and cars but they are not not interactive like RPG NPCs. Miles Morales recycles the same assets as Spider-Man PS4 and Wolverine is also based on an existing universe and begins development.

When I look at a Studio like Obsidian, there are about 250 of them working on 3 open world games including 2 RPGs with their own universe and a project of about ten people that looks like Disco Elysium these are mainly games with a lot of content and replayability according to our choices.

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