Street Fighter VI coming to Series S and X, according to leaked email (rumor)

I didn’t see this posted yet, and it’s just rumor until confirmed obviously, but if true this would be fantastic news for Xbox players.

I know with our lack of news with KI and the effect that SF5 exclusivity had on the fighting scene for XOne, this is nothing but good news.


So Ragnar is a legitimate leaker then? Not my type of game at all but every 3rd party exclusive made multi platform is good news.

I’m not sure of the validity, hence why I placed a rumor tag in the title. The email looks like a legit mail merge dump though.

wasn’t capcom a recent victim of ransomware?

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Yes, thought that’s where all their current leaks are coming from.

It does looks legit that’s why I was surprised where it came from.

Yeah I had forgotten about the ransomware leaks but apparently this stems from that data dump. Not sure about the overall veracity of the Twitter user but Xbox News and others claim it to be legit.

Kind of crazy to see internal release timelines (assuming they don’t get delayed), but they’ve got potential dates for Street Fighter 6, Super Street Fighter 6 and Ultra Street Fighter 6 in this leak.

Glad they aren’t doing that PS Console Exclusive shit again, that went badly.

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