Streaming Setup Discussion

So I just rebuilt my streaming setup and am about to relaunch my small Youtube channel (1200 subscribers) and twitch. Its been a few years so I would love to hear about any other great tools or concepts people would recommend I look into.

Note: I stream board games, but found previously that its mostly just the world’s hardest gaming streaming you can do. Stuff that helps with video games definitely helps with what I do as well.

NEW SETUP: (for good fun, I have the old setup at the end)

  • Single PC, Intel 13900ks, Geforce 4080, Gigabyte Extreme z690 with 4 dedicated USB contollers, 64GB DDR5
  • 5x Logitech Brio 4k webcams
  • 2x Logitech c920 1080p webcams
  • Custom setup carjacks with attached camera mounts aimed at greenscreens for card overlays
  • Custom app to remotely update game stats on screen during streaming
  • Xsplit as main streaming/rendering app with different scenes for each game

Average stream has 60+ overlay layers mostly for the live data about the game, but also text chat from Twitch and videos. I can’t remember the service I used to use for rendering the chat live on video, but I didn’t like it much anyways and could use something new.

When streaming to Youtube, Twitch and performing 4k local recording all at same time, I am hitting GPU at ~80% and CPU at about 50%.

I also used to use TubeBuddy to help with YouTube tagging and other elements. Would love additional ideas here.

Finally, I am looking for some great examples of ways to use TikTok for promoting gaming streams. I used to use Twitter a bit, but never really got much traction there and also avoiding Twitter more these days.

OLD SETUP: With this setup I used to only get about 10-15fps from video feeds. CPU and GPU were always slammed at 100% utilization.

2 PC Setup

  1. Streaming PC, Intel 7900k, 1080ti, 3 USB controllers, 2x Elegato 1080p HMDI input cards, 3x 4k cameras attached and 2x 1080p cameras attached.
  2. Extra rendering PC, Intel i7 4000 series, 1060, 2 USB Controller, 2x 4k cameras. Outputs the 4k cameras full screen on Monitors 2 and 3 to the HDMI inputs on PC 1.