Stray gameplay walkthrough (the cat game)

Really looking forward to this one, I wonder if its a full priced game? I personally would not spend more then £30 for it, but its looks Great.

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This is looking really nice and all I want to know now if this is coming to Xbox too after a while. I don’t think it has ever said to be a PS5 exclusive, right? So that points to being timed.

I hope.

Not my kind of game but I will give it huge props in terms of it being unique and original. World looks great with a lot of detail.

Unfortunately its a timed ps4+ps5 console exclusive.

Its on PC though.

I dont see times exclusivity being more then a year, hopefully its less.

If its not to expensive i might pick it up if its good. Games where you control animals is rare, controlling a cat looks pretty fun.

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This looks fun. If it comes to Xbox by any chance I’ll play it.


Looks great, look forward to the timed exclusivity period being up. Feels like it would be a good fit for Game Pass too, hope Sarah Bond is on the case.