Stickied threads take up lots of the recent threads

Perhaps this is just in the way I am using the forum, but the 4 stickied threads in the Gaming section takes up 40% of the 10 threads it shows there. Bit of a nitpick, but would it be possible to exclude or put the stickied threads somewhere else other than that recent threads thing.

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I just posted something similar :sweat_smile:

But right now there’s 6 pinned / sticked topics.

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You can unstick them for yourself.

At the bottom of the sticky/pinned topic you have controls for pinning. Or click on pin icon to unpin it.

That did it, thanks.

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Indeed - Pins are something we can do to draw attention to regular and popular topics, but as users you can decide if you want to see the pinned threads we’ve chosen at all.

In fact, if you have topics more important to you, you can pin those for yourselves and will be applicable only to your view of the site.

Features yo!