Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman are the next Smash Bros Ultimate characters

More Xbox reps! :smiley:

More details on the 3rd before Minecon.


Fucking hilarious


Wow, guess I can’t argue with how deserving Minecraft is if the announcement is indeed what broke twitter.

this announcement is giving me life , a friend meme’d minecraft steve for like 3 years now

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Guess this means no chance of master chief now? :frowning:

Great trailer though, even if I don’t really enjoy smash or Minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:

Legitimately the most creative addition so far, and they added the face of one of the biggest videogames ever, if not the biggest. Massive move. The salt is real but such a move brings a lot more players to the table than yet another JRPG character with a sword, that’s for sure.


Awesome. Haha.

This is absolutely fantastic. I’m not the first to use this as a reaction, but it’s perfect:


Mii Gunner costume

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Haha, this is perfect.

That was such a big and powerful announcement to the point that it broke Twitter. Incredible !

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So thats why twitter was acting strange for me earlier, lol

Certainly wasn’t expecting this announcement!

Fantastic news. I for one cannot imagine why people are so against this. Did they not play Minecraft? If I would have children i would be proud if they played Minecraft because of the creativity and harmless fun it provides. In my early twenties we played on a little server and it was great. And now and then we go back to see how it all evolved.

As a has been Smash pro player the community sucked the heart of anything Smash related. It truly is a harmfull community. My best memories from Smash 64 was discovering franchises like Metroid, f-zero and earthbound. And I bought the game because Pikachu and Mario were in it. I hope a new generation comes and sees Steve and some other character they like and discover gaming history just like i did.

And to be honest i do not know any other Nintendo character that deserves a spot on the roster. This game has the best rendition of mega man and Richter and I applaud sakurai and his team for the genius.


At first, I didn’t really care whether or not Steve got into Smash, but honestly after seeing him in action, I actually think this is a really good addition, he’s got a really creative moveset.

I also found it pretty funny that Steve literally caused Twitter to die for a bit.

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When Nintendo get master chief before us xbox owners :’( haha

(I’d buy the season pass 2)

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All the anger today makes me want them to add Jonesy from Fortnite so bad. Do it, Sakurai. Nintendo might finally let you go free!


MS and Nintendo have a really good relationship these days.

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