Steam's 'Next Fest' Ends Tomorrow: Check Out These Demos While You Can

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Another day, another Steam festival is live—no complaints here, of course, because these events do a great job of showcasing new, already released, and future game releases. I should’ve gotten around to writing this list about a week ago, when Steam’s “Next Fest” started, but a busy slate kept me occupied this weekend. The Next Fest is all about games coming soon; PC-centric, but some of these games are coming to consoles, so why not get an early look at ’em? A good chunk of these will run just dandy on your integrated Intel chipset.

Now if you’re reading this, you likely have nothing better to do, so check out some of these games I got to look over (and were recommended) before they likely disappear tomorrow at 10AM Pacific, when the festival ends. Click the headers to head to the game’s store page.


INTI’s back with another side-scrolling adventure. The developer of Mega Man-likes and -Vanias will keep you challenged in this formerly alive cat’s journey back to their master. This one is coming to consoles for sure.

Find hope in death.

In Umbraclaw, take control of Kuon, a cat on a perilous journey through the afterlife known as the “Soulplane.”
Kuon must brave the afterlife in order to return home to his master in this 2D side-scrolling action adventure.

On your adventure through the Soulplane, the “Anima Revive” system will grant Kuon abilities from various animals. These abilities will be key to overcoming the obstacles you’ll face on your journey.

The newest game from Blaster Master Zero director Satoru Nishizawa, Umbraclaw is a challenging game that proves that cats are not just cute, but cool as well. The dark-tinged yet lively graphics will pull you into the fantasy storybook world.

Will Kuon be able to break through the Boundary to return home safely…? Your journey through the afterlife awaits.


LocalThunk’s deckbuilder has you playing illegal poker hands and pulling off crazy combos. Pokerheads won’t want to miss this one.

Balatro is a poker-inspired roguelike deck builder all about creating powerful synergies and winning big.

Combine valid poker hands with unique Joker cards in order to create varied synergies and builds. Earn enough chips to beat devious blinds, all while uncovering hidden bonus hands and decks as you progress. You’re going to need every edge you can get in order to reach the boss blind, beat the final ante and secure victory.

  • The definitive poker roguelike experience.
  • Endless possibilities – every pick-up, discard and joker can dramatically alter the course of your run.
  • In-depth campaign mode complete with 8 difficulties, as well as challenge, daily and seeded runs.

TRIBES 3: Rivals

SHAZBOT. You like flying around and shooting baddies as you complete team-based objectives? Of course you do, that’s a PC classic. TRIBES 3: Rivals is a game you’ll wanna try out and evoke memories of old school FPS gameplay. Gotta go fast!

TRIBES 3: Rivals is a team-based first person shooter that elevates the genre with jetpacks, skiing, and class-based warfare.

Players ski, jetpack, battle, and race to capture the enemy team’s flag, all while ferociously defending their own. Players can choose from unique classes to customize their abilities, perks, and weapon loadouts, while moving across epic terrains from snow covered peaks to haunting deserts. Teamwork, tactics, high speed, and intense combat reign supreme in this rebirth of the world’s fastest shooter.

Normal Fishing

Gone fishing? No? Then go fishing. Normal Fishing, I mean. How else can you fish? Normally? Hopefully. Nothing can go wrong on this totally normal bout of fishing. Absolutely nothing. Probably.

Normal Fishing is a completely and utterly unremarkable fishing experience where everything goes exactly as expected, and there is absolutely – and I mean it when I say this – absolutely nothing to worry about.

Fishing is a long-held tradition in this remote village, with its mysterious lake full of diverse and unusual aquatic life. As the new fisherman in town, it’s your job to catch fish, uncover treasures and more in an attempt to fund your luxurious lifestyle. Who knows, maybe there are even greater secrets hidden at the bottom of those deep, dark waters? And perhaps, what lies beneath the surface is far more than you are prepared to face.

  • Hook and reel-in your prey in frantic fishing minigames.
  • Complete a collection of 20 different lake creatures.
  • Discover the truth about the ancient Godfish.
  • Battle epic monsters to protect the village.
  • Don’t touch the water.
  • Stay away from the lake.
  • This isn’t what you thi-


Religion and life clash in this third-person narrative adventure from Odd Meter. INDIKI takes place in an alternative reality Russia of yore, where a young woman discovers herself with the help of the Devil himself.

INDIKA is a third-person, story-driven game set in a strange world where religious visions clash with harsh reality. It tells the story of a young nun who sets off on a journey of self-discovery with the most unusual, horn-headed companion by her side.

On the outside, Indika seems to be a typical nun attempting to adjust to a difficult and monotonous monastery life. Humble and innocent in her appearance, do not be deceived as this young girl has also made a highly unlikely acquaintance—as she speaks with the devil himself.

Indika’s unusual connection with the Evil One leads her on an errand beyond the safe walls of the monastery. The world she discovers can only be described as a wild combination of comedy and tragedy straight out of the novels by Dostoyevski and Bulhakov.

The subjects of religion and authority are prevalent throughout Indika’s journey and she’ll be faced with many questions along the way. Guide her to find the answers one by one before she can finish her life-defining odyssey.

Odd Meter is a small, independent studio formerly based in Moscow and now operating out of Kazakhstan. Its members put aesthetics at the forefront and aren’t afraid to tread the fine line of ethical norms. Their game is a great testament to that, as INDIKA constitutes an open challenge to the industry’s established approach to creating video games.


If the United Kingdom wasn’t scary enough, Hollowbody will have you explore a completely abandoned British city in this tech-noir survival horror short story.

It’s a Shipper’s biggest fear. You’re grounded in the exclusion zone, twenty miles of death and decay sealed off by the towering, suffocating walls erected after the collapse.

Alone, stranded, and with limited resources at your disposal you’ll have to push your way through the zone, solve environmental puzzles, manage resources and fight for your life as you try to find a way to escape beyond the wall.

Play as Mica, an unlicensed black market shipper who will stop at nothing to find her missing partner.

It’s been 12 days since Sasha left.

You talked about it, you argued about it and you even laughed about it. Anybody in their right mind knew going to that place was a death wish, a one-way trip to the end of the line. But Sasha wasn’t one to scare easily, she wanted answers and there was only one place those answers held any truth. Her mind was already made up, you just didn’t expect her to do it without you.

Twelve sleepless nights later and you finally get the call. Tax has found someone, A border security suit looking to make some extra credits on the down-low. He can get you clearance, a two hour window to fly into the zone, find Sasha and get the hell out of there.

Rogue Racer

In Hot Pursuit of a new racer? Rogue Racer takes you across procedurally generated races across multiple biome types as you races others and the police to save a loved one.

Rogue Racer is an upcoming racing game with narrative and combat elements!


  • Drive through 10+ distinctly vibrant biomes, featuring long, procedurally-generated stretches of open road and terrain.
  • Battle with hostile street racers and police. Survive and reach your destination for a chance to save the life of a loved one.
  • 50+ unique vehicles (not just cars!) with different performances, handlings, and combat advantages. Between the aggressive enemies and treacherous terrains, only these cars can be depended on for your survival.
  • Compete in a set of unique challenge levels and claim your place on the global leaderboard.


SERUM is a survival adventure where you’ll battle ferocious creatures, solve puzzles, and extract precious Serum to stay alive. You’ll make it out alive—to find out what happened in the past.

Unravel the mystery of Serum and survive the fight against time amidst a ruined world of destruction and mutated creatures.

Your life is at stake! The toxic fog obscures the dangers in an apocalyptic world where every second counts. A relentless timer on your arm decides between life and death. Prove your courage, explore the mysterious environment for resources and brew serums for unique abilities. Every dose of serum can make the difference in the fight for survival against mutated enemies. Find shelter in the chaos, search for technology and modify weapons for greater effectiveness. The race against time begins now.

Will you survive?


INTI isn’t done yet: Gunvolt is back, and this time you’ll dance with the Muses in this rhythmic rhythm game featuring songs from the Gunvolt games. And now you remember that the first Gunvolt game is almost ten years old—better start watching your carbs!

The legendary songs will carry you to the future.
Announcing a new rhythm game in the Azure Striker Gunvolt series!

About “GUNVOLT RECORDS: Cychronicle”
A new rhythm music game starring the songstresses of the Azure Striker Gunvolt series, Lumen, Lola, and Luxia singing 15 different songs.

Follow the notes to the pounding beat and aim for a top score in this electrifying rhythm game!

The dual analog controls sync with the characters dancing in the 3D backgrounds for a fully immersive experience.


HAMMER95’s boomer shooter will take you on a fast-paced adventure that brings you right into an “ANIME world”. You’ve got 10 seconds between kills to keep your dopamine in check or you’re toast!

You must KILL to get more TIME

We are in the 90s… 2090 to be precise. MULLET MADJACK is a frantic first-person action game set in a vintage ANIME world.

In this future, MAN and INTERNET have merged into a new being. This being needs DOPAMINE every 10 SECONDS, or else it will DIE!

The world is now ruled by super rich A.I. robots called “ROBILLIONAIRES”,
Those who put their 10 SECONDS OF LIFE on the line to kill the robots are called MODERATORS!

Lightyear Frontier

Alright alright, too much adrenaline? Too scary? Fine. Lightyear Frontier is as peaceful as you can get: farm away inside the confines of a mech on a peaceful planet. Can’t get much cooler than that.

Start your interstellar homestead in this peaceful open-world farming adventure!
Build your sustainable exofarm, grow alien crops, customize your mech, and explore a new world full of mystery with up to three friends!

Live the quiet life as you take in the sights and sounds of your new home. Enjoy a low-stress, combat-free experience without the need to manage things like thirst and hunger. Just focus on farming, exploration, and discovery!
Relax to a chill, atmospheric cosmic country soundtrack

Astral Party

Had your fill of all that delicious 100% Orange Juice? Astral Party can be your next friendship-destroying game. Roll the dice in this unique board game where cards can be key to keeping you in this upcoming F2P game.

Astral Party is a board party game that supports online multiplayer with up to 4 players. This is a free to play game, with in-app purchases like skins, dress-ups that do not affect the gameplay balance.
Board Party Game with Suspenses
A board game like no other! 15 different panel effects, random effects and events make every game full of suspense and unpredictability. With the roll of dice, you always have chances to turn the tables at the last minute.

Realm of Ink

This list is long enough as it is, so this will be my final recommendation. A roguelite action title styled with swathes of ink. Literally. You’ll need to traverse “Story Relics” and take on tough bosses to escape this world of ink.

There’s a lot more than just what I’ve put on this list in the Steam Next Fest event. Check out these game demos (while you can!) and find something that’ll catch your eye.


Serum seems to require 8GB RAM GPU - I couldn’t run it on my laptop’s 3060. Not sure if there are workarounds.