State of Unreal / April 5th


This gonna go into Sony camp by the looks of “State of…”

Exciting none the less

Don’t even bother tuning in if you don’t own a PS5. These demos are only possible on Cerny’s SSD.


Yeah, it sucks we won’t see UE5 on Xbox.


This must be spam, because UE5 is PlayStation 5 exclusive apparently :rofl:

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Xbox won’t have that feeling of being a hero :smiling_face_with_tear:

Imagine if it came with a Gears 6 demo! One can only hope.

Anyone watching this? I know there’s a lot of PR talk going on, but as an untrained and reasonably uninformed civilian, this seems positively amazing.

edit: The Coalition has their own segment, discussing how they’re using UE5 on Xbox: The State of Unreal Livestream (Tuesday, 11a ET / 8a PT) - YouTube (link goes to exact spot)

edit 2: Crystal Dynamics just announced that the next Tomb Raider game is in development, and that it’ll be using UE5: The State of Unreal Livestream (Tuesday, 11a ET / 8a PT) - YouTube

edit 3: Some more interesting segments:


The community sharing / coordination integration is really good. Being able to copy paste Blueprint into their forums and people being able to grab that and plop it into their games is really neat.


Who’s saying the Crystal Dynamics’s Tomb Raider game is for Square Enix … Afterall, they’re a support studio for The Initiative now and everyone says they should be acquired… :phil_lmao:

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wonder how long this will be the case. IMO if the new Tomb Raider tracks well internally, then it’s likely they’ll continue to stay under SE.

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I don’t picture square selling tomb raider which is one of the reason I say Microsoft should buy square over square’s western studios

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Not based on much but I just have a feeling that Bungie will be the next or among the next AAA studios to switch to UE5 :thinking: @Ruthwik_Rao

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Not sure to be honest… I think studios switching to UE5 are the ones struggling with there own engine and finding it difficult to hire talent

Bungie is doing great so I am sure they won’t switch

We all know CD had issues with there engine on CP 2077 and hence they are making a shift now

I remember reading Destiny’s engine has a problem with content management or something like that though

I think a lot of problems come from the fact that a lot of old engines were not designed for various future workflows. For example UE had issues with open world games that became popular thus UE5 now has features that have been existing in Creation Engine since the very beginning. And so on.

But I think the issue is hiring - almost everybody can learn UE and have some skills in it. So easy to hire. That is what I believe the main thing - we need more people ready to contribute to the project and fast.

Problems can be there… But so far it doesn’t seems like it is affecting there product that much

That being said, even UE5 has short comings… Haven’t seen a leaf being drawn yet in any UE5 demos

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