State of Play: Demon's Souls

Out of nowhere comes a State of Play for Demon’s Souls.


No doubt, Demon’s Souls looks and sounds amazing. Expecting a 92 on Open Critic. However, Souls games aren’t for me and the combat still looks stiff and clunky. But for anyone who plays the game, I hope you enjoy it.


It’s looks really good but it’s Souls, and while I loved the first game, two as well, I got a bit tired of it with 3 and Souls fatigue has set in since.

Hoping Elden Ring is drastically different than Souls. Hope it has enough different things.

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Never played any From Software game except for Bloodborne which I quit after 10 hours. I truly don’t see the appeal. The combat/gameplay looks exactly the same to me in every game…stiff and clunky. The only “souls” type game I have ever completed was Nioh which to be perfectly honest, is better than Bloodborne and From Software games simply because the combat/gameplay is better. It’s more fluid and responsive. We’ll see what Elden Ring ends up being but their games aren’t for me so im not expecting any different. I also played Sekiro. Beat the boss on the horse and quit the game. Way too many negatives for me in regards to Sekiro and again, just not into them. But to each their own.

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Looks really good! Great video and good explanations for the beginners. Don’t worry guys. The game is not as hard as you think. There is some challenge yes but nothing unbeatable.

It will be good to come back to this world. Graphics are good. Will play it in 60fps mode on PS5 Pro later.


Looks amazing! Glad my son is getting a PS5 so I can experience it

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The best game I played on the PS3 by far! Good memories besides the grinding for that sharpstone or whatever the name was.

(wanted to have that Platinum with that game)


Pure Bladestone I suppose :stuck_out_tongue: Speaking of DeS… What can I say? One of my favourite games of all time <3

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I hope this comes to ps4 at some point


Not bad, looks like a current gen game running on a mid-high end PC. 60fps is the best thing about it, that will really improve the gameplay and overall feel.

Game looks very good graphically but on the other hand the game looks quite different now due to the highly detailed graphics and the art direction changes from Bluepoint. It’s funny to see a lot of folks downplaying (to put it lightly…) the original game for it’s less detailed graphics and it’s OST for it’s less grand and epic tracks/production, sometimes being low-fi whether it’s a b-movie, a music album or a videogame can have it’s strengths…if you consider all of the things above as art of course. Sure Bluepoint can do what they want since the remake doesn’t erase the original game from existence but having the original game more easily accessible would’ve been really cool.

Demon’s Souls was the first Souls game that I played but it was the hype that I had at the time for Dark Souls that convinced me to finally give it a chance, I ended up finishing the game almost two months before DS came out. I still think even with those “bad” graphics and it’s goofy and bizzare OST that it has the best atmosphere in all the Souls games, it was truly unique even within the “series” and IMO From never again came close to it in their next games in terms of tone and atmosphere.

Also one thing that I find really weird and I don’t like is how there is no mention of From Software at all in any of the trailers or pr stuff. I’d imagine that they could find the time after all those months of marketing to even mention one time the creator of the original game that they are remaking…that sounds like the ethical thing to do.

Game looks amazing graphically but in terms of gameplay it looks about as fun as passing a kidney stone…

I can see why someone would say that, because these kind of games are best when you play them yourself. Unless you can find a hilarious YouTuber with a let’s play, those can be enjoyable.

I remember when my buddy was showing me Dark Souls and he was struggling at a boss fight. I went home eventually and there was this drive to try it for myself. Once I beat that one boss I was fully into the game and I couldn’t put it down anymore.

But it’s not for everyone. And the Souls games are also very, very good at ruining your (gaming) mood. I picked Sekiro up day one and dropped it pretty soon, maybe I just was not in the mindset of getting my ass handed to me constantly but man…

I definitely will get this once I get the PS5 sometime next year. I’m thinking how awesome it would have been if Xbox had partnered with From for a XSX launch game, of course that wasn’t gonna happen with From hard at work on ER.

Looks good but nothing spectacular to showcase Next Gen.

I don’t understand people who say this doesn’t look amazing

I don’t think anyone is saying it looks bad, but geometry, lighting and rendering effects wise is definitely current gen, and even in this gen there are games exceeding this visually.