State of Play / 20 minutes of new Final Fantasy XVI gameplay this Thursday


Nice, will dip in and watch. Looking forward to seeing more,

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The game’s been looking better & better with each showing, so looking forward to seeing what they can wow me with now.

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Love this show! It’s my favorite way “with Nindendo Direct” to keep up with gaming news.

I shall be watching. The latest trailer that showed the locations looked really good.

I’d love to play it, but 500+ for a console is just not something I wanna do now. I’d be getting one for the Spidey games, for the latest Ratchet, for FF7R, for FF16 and maybe for God of War too but what I played at my brother’s place I wasn’t super wowed about it, overall.

On the other hand, I just gotta get it over with and buy one, damn.


I wasn’t going to buy it till end of this year but I got one for Christmas lol

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I caved and bought one a few months back, haven’t played it much but that’s mainly because I follow a schedule for my immense backlog lol. The DualSense is great, and games look and feel awesome. It’s ugly af though, but you know that haha.

As for FFXVI idk… I only have bad experiences from the few games I’ve tried in the franchise. Maybe this is actually good, doubt it’s console-purchase-good though.


The Witcher XVI…

It does look great though.

Mmm… Platinum Games gimmick sections… As long as they play well. Most of them looked good though. And the music is insane.

Damn, this game has come a long way since the original reveal a few years ago. I wasn’t at all interested in it then but the more they show it, the more I’m tempted.

If they can nail the story this gamne is gonna be good. IMO the last FF with a good story was 9. I havnt played 14

Jesus, they showed a lot and more to come. I would say they’ve shown enough, but for those that want to see more, why not?

The combat looks like a lot of fun, and those titan battles look very cool. Visually it remains a mixed bag, at times really nice with the green landscapes and other times it just looks last gen, same as the faces of some of the NPCs.

Also, the map screen. This isn’t open world? We travel to locations and it’s not like one big open world ala Skyrim, Witcher 3 etc? Not sure I’m a fan of that.

This has been long confirmed, yes.

I hadn’t looked up much info on it. But now I know then, haha. Hopefully that turns out well.

That looked amazing apart from one thing. Despite not being open world the open area shots looked more empty than a starfield planet lol. Looked like ff15

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I for one am happy that FFXVI is NOT a massive open world. I like the region/map/chapter based setup. This is a positive for me. Looks great but I do hope that you can tone down the effects on screen because it’s too much in my opinion.

Looked like a decent game to get when its on sale.


Day 1 with ease.


Same, game is looking excellent and I am pretty confident in the team behind it to deliver

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no customizable party members that you can control and travel and grow with you means this is still a pass, i understand this is a dev’s choice but i like my jrpgs with parties that i can fully control or at least customize and set ai patterns. ah well, plenty more jrpgs to look forward to.