Started with Slime Rancher. I need some advice


I’ve always wanted to give this a shot but kept forgetting about it, games kept getting added to Game Pass etc, it’s leaving the service soon, so I’m now giving it a try. I like the relaxed vibe with the music, the colours, the style, but I need to get a proper feel for the gameplay.

I have two fences with pink slime and I feed them fruit I find and the one I grow myself, so that I can grab their “poop” and exchange it for money to buy stuff like bigger fences etc. I now have a Tabby slime and I don’t know what to do with him, I don’t want to build a new fence just for this one slime but also reluctant putting him in the pink slime cage, haha.

Then there’s also the phosfor slimes who seem to constantly escape their cages. So you know, just some advice would be great.


What to do with the big pink Largo slimes?

Don’t put the tabby with the pink slimes, because if the tabby picks up one the pink slimes’ plorts (the poop) it’ll transform into a largo hybrid. Since you just have one at the moment you can just let the little guy roam around. And FYI, tabbies only eat meat.

For the phosphor slimes, you’ll have to upgrade the corral and add an air net to block the roof, as well as a solar shield so the sun doesn’t affect them.

Also by “big pink Largo slimes” do you mean the Gordos (the stationary ones)? Or the regular largos? If the latter, you can just leave them alone. If you mean the gordos, you need to feed them enough food until they burst and give you a bunch of rewards.


Paging @ladyknottian


Yeah out in the wild I saw some big pink ones. I think they were called pink largos.

So basically I should not mix tabby with any other color, because as soon as its time to eat one of them will grab the plort and he becomes big? Unless of course I want a big one. But what are the pros to having a big one? I assume a bigger amount of plort? Lol.

Also for some reason my whole farm got ruined because a tarr slime took over all my pink ones. Tomorrow I’ll go have a real good look at the Slimepedia, because clearly I did something stupid, lmao.

Basically, if a slime eats a plort from another type of slime, it turns into a largo hybrid of the two. Of course, you can keep them if you want, because if you feed them, they’ll give you two plorts, one from each type. But personally, I found them to be a hassle. It also runs the risk that it may eat a plort from a third type, which will turn it into a tarr slime. That’s possibly what happened within your farm.

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Yeah, I’m noticing that some things can be a bit complex at first, until you know what’s what. For example I just bought the plort collector and at first I thought it was an add-on to my weapon. Of course this would be a add-on to the corral itself. Dumb me, lol.

I’m having fun though, I should have discovered this game sooner and not ten days before it leaves Game Pass. Plus I need to continue with AI too. Slime Rancher 2 (Game Preview) goes to Game Pass soon too, so if I don’t get to finish this or buy it, that’s OK.

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