Starfield and Redfall delayed to first half of 2023

Yes, agree with you. Avatar could be a really great add to gamepass: Xbox and UBI are very close today. This game would far away the fears of many people. And we don’t forget that the new movie Is going to release this december.

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I think Microsoft will put Ubisoft+ right into gamepass. They’ll eat the cost for now. They have an infinite money pool. They HAVE to do something big to fill this empty void of 2023.

Just my opinion.

The only way Indy is releasing in 2027 is if Machine Games are also working on a Wolfenstein 3/Other major project

If they are only working on Indy and it releases in 2027 that would be 8 years since their last proper release, that’s not normal

Talking to a buddy of mine, probably even more of a hardcore fan of BGS if that’s even possible, lol.

He had taken two weeks off from his job to fully experience Starfield and he had planned on going for several all nighters with it, damn.

His only worry is what Jason Schreier said. That people told him last year if Starfield was to make 11-11-22 they’d be looking at a Cyberpunk situation. So what are only six months extra is what he’s wondering. I can see where he’s coming from with that. But we also don’t know exactly in what way these devs said it to Jason.

Probably just best to now wait for June, watch the game and then just go enjoy the many great things left in the backlog and the stuff still coming this year.

The thing is, especially if that Bethesda information seeker is right, is that Starfield seems to be a really really ambitious game, with drastic changes to the engine as well. No wonder, they would need more time.

Indy seems to have started development early 2021. Depends on the vision and scope of the game, could be a late 2024 game easily. Honestly licenced games can take less time it seems (SM, SW JFO took 3 years), a lot of stuff is already laid out for them, easy inspirations from Tomb Raider, Uncharted, and past Indy games. I could see it takes 3-4 years tops in development.

Yes exactly what you said, if that stuff is correct it’s clear that they have changed a whole lot of things. It’s exciting but a bit I guess concerning as well as to release date. But at the end of the day it should amount to a great experience.

With covid in mind too. But also if they DO opt for third person, I can imagine that being more of a challenge for the studio since it’s new and I would imagine third person in general just means more work since we’ll see all the character animations and stuff.

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I mean we assume that but don’t know for sure. Respawn had no 3rd person action experience before JFO no?

If Indy only started in 2021 then Machine Games had to have been doing something in those 2 years before and we know Wolfenstin 3 was supposed to be in dev so either it was in dev but it ended up being cancelled or it’s still coming

Please let it be coming :pray:

But a 6 year dev for whats likely something very new for Machine Games wouldnt be that crazy, so Hindle might be right in that regard even if I could see it coming sooner but going 8 years without a major release is just rough, Rocksteady are going to end up doing that too

That’s just not sustainable

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This is the problem with Xbox fans. I don’t want to settle. That year wasn’t good enough. Halo was incomplete. Halo had battle pass issues and lack of maps. Where were the games from January to August last year? Why is history repeating itself?

To be fair it seems that’s more to do with WB cancelling their projects

Did they? I know they’ve been cancelling other projects from other teams but I didnt know about Rocksteady

Nah it seems Rocksetady were actually the most affected by WB cancellations. The studio had their own problems as well and seems a lot of talents left along the way.

I think they wouldn’t have announce the delays without a plan B. Or Im just being optimistic and they just wanted people to calm down till the Showcase lol.

But if they don’t have anything for 2022 first party wise or except Forza Motorsport thats a huge L for Xbox for me despite last year. Because you can’t compete Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and highly likely GoW Ragnarok with only Forza Motorsport. (Even Forza doesnt have a announced launch window, we dont yet if it release this year or not.)

If history was repeating itself then they would launch Starfield and Redfall this year whatever state they’re in.


That’s a good point, had not thought of that.

Yeah for some reason we automatically assumed first person for the game. I guess I did because I’m just going with “worst” case scenario. I badly hope it’s third.

I hope they get it out as a soon as possible so I can have Wolfenstein 3

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Yeah, I’d love a third one. When Pete said one was coming or in development it sounded promising. But then Indy got announced.

I agree with you that Xbox should have games all throughout the year and not just near the end of it. You’re not wrong about Halo, it was indeed incomplete but the campaign was definitely worth it.

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Yeah, I think a lot of people were planning to go on vacation for Starfield. Alas.

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