STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor is coming to Game Pass


Play this game guys, it’s an amazing game and the best action-adventure since Darksiders 1 IMO! Koboh is one of the best designed levels ever made.


Most excellent. Just in time for May 4th! Hopefully im done with the quarry soon to start this.


Jedi Survivor was my second best game of 2023 behind Starfield. Excellent game and highly recommended and even more so if you liked and enjoyed Jedi Fallen Order.


The first one I have yet to finish, one of the many games that ended up in the backlog, damn.

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Nice :smiley:

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You should definitely get back to the first game so you can go right into Survivor when you’re ready to do so. Both games are excellent.


I took a break from it because it was like Souls and it was kicking my ass. It had not grabbed me yet. Would you say Jedi Survivor is the same, or is that more like an action adventure? Or really more of the same?

It’s the same combat wise but still a great action adventure game. I played and completed both games on normal difficulty which is where the sliders are set in the middle making it a balanced fight. A few fights are definitely challenging but not impossible. If normal is too difficult for you, lower the difficulty setting. I play a lot of games now on easy/story mode unless it’s a game I know I will be great at which doesn’t apply to souls like games because im not good at them at all. Don’t skip the game when you can make the combat easier and more forgiving which in turn will make the game a lot more fun and enjoyable. Not to mention the fact that both games in general are great games.

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I liked the first one better but this is still a damn good game. Have they fixed the performance stuff?

There’s easy mode? It’s also easy to farm for ability points and be OP, it’s only the bosses than can be a pain.

Been waiting for this.

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I was in the same situation, and I left the game for an extended time so I resumed it and I believe I bumped down the difficulty at that point and got into it. I think it’s a really good game and it adds a lot to the Star Wars universe.

I’m not too in love with most third person action games (I don’t like how they control, personally) but I’m glad I played this and I think the game design in all other aspects is really good.

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Finally, a game I’ll actually play to completion on GamePass for the first time since Starfield and Lies of P.

As someone who loved the first game and hasn’t even seen a single trailer of this game, I’m hyped !


Supposedly the performance is better now and there is an option to disable ray tracing so that helps too. I played the game at launch at the quality 30fps mode and besides some frame drops here and there it was fine IMO.

@Staffy Play on the easy difficulty of you want a more relaxed experience. :wink:

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Alright. Ya’ll have convinced me.

I’m gonna make JFO the first one on the list to start with. I used to never bother with easy modes, but being annoyed because of stuff being too challenging, resulting in putting it away is no good either.


IIRC there are no achievements for JFO for completing it on hard so theres no point going harder. All i will say is by the time you get to the first world, use lock on. It makes all the difference with parrying harder enemies. I spent 90 minutes grinding after i found it a bit challenging and after that the rest of the game was a cake walk.

How is this on series s?

What I know is that it doesn’t have performance mode.