Star Wars Battlefront Collection Announced

Remember the good ol’ days of Battlefront?


I’m downloading the collection and it’s 56 Gb ? 56 Gb ! What the hell ? Have they updated all the textures ?

Edit : it doesn’t seem to have anything updated looking at the screenshots. Maybe some 4K videos. I’m at a loss here. 56 Gb is a lot for games from 20 years ago.


I was just about to snag it. That almost seems like a mistake. Unless they REALLY up-ressed the film footage.

SIDENOTE: Just got off work and saw this. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Now, all I need is Shadows of the Empire and my Star Wars remaster dreams will be complete.


I’d love Shadows of the Empire to get remade / remastered.

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Just giving the game updated controls will make people instantly realize how much of a classic that game is.

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Ok, I’m super confused. I own both og Battlefronts already but I’m not getting the 20% discount :triumph:.

Ah man, now I really want to play it. I think I might still have the original PC CD-ROM for this in storage!!


For anyone interested I just looked and Shadows of the Empire is playable on Steam Deck.

I had some old points left on my CDKeys account so it cost me the grand sum of 1p!! (or 1 cent for the Americans amongst us):


Shadows of the Empire, along with the X-Wing saga are my favorite non Zahn Star Wars books. I need to go reread them.

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Now I know what I’m playing after Rebirth!!!

Really hope there’s crossplay… although I might buy a copy on all platforms anyway. :sweat_smile:

Is there any benefit if I own the original games (on disk)?