Star Trek: Prodigy - Supernova is coming to Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

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Keen Star Trek fans have seemingly leaked a new title on the way from Outright Games. Star Trek: Prodigy Supernova appears to be scheduled to come to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation4|5, Nintendo Switch and PC. More details are said to arrive in May 2022 on the Outright Games Youtube channel after images appeared on

The first big #StarTrekCHI surprise is out!

STAR TREK: PRODIGY – SUPERNOVA is a new game coming to PC, XboX, PS4/PS5, and Nintendo Switch from @Outright_Games

More details said to arrive in May.#StarTrek #startrekprodigy

— 🖖 (@TrekCore) April 7, 2022

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Wonder what kind of game it will be.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the greatest shows ever made. :vulcan_salute:

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I’m thinking it’ll be an action adventure game aimed at kids. I’m basing that assumption on a few things: