Spyro Reignited Trilogy might be coming to Game Pass soon


Nice. Been waiting for this to go on Game Pass.


Please FPS boost.

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Interesting they add this to the PC Microsoft store instead of forcing battlenet like diablo 4

I’m looking forward to trying this. I think I played the original at a friend’s house on ps1

Such a great remake - Toys for Bob really took the time to redefine the art style in a way that looked appropriate but gorgeous on modern hardware, and even worked with the original developers to really do it right. Makes me real excited for whatever they cook up in their partnership with Xbox.

Battle.net only has a handful of games on it, most of ABK’s back-catalog is on Steam and will require ports.

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Yeah a ton of the Crash and Spyro titles are on sale right now and I was holding out for GP appearances. I’ll pick up the ones I’m really into.

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Fingers crossed for playanywhere ports

This one isn’t and none of Bethesda’s were. You have to opt into it at the start, if memory serves. Hard to convert it, has to really be worth the ROI

Meh, they insist on adding games I allready own… Gimme the CoD-campaigns damnit!

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Yeah I noticed this one wasnt sadly… This was more towards your statement of activisions back catalog… which in some cases i hope can be ported to play anywhere… If not Ill either play them on gamepass when i resub or just buy them on steam. As play anywhere is typically the feature that will get me to purchase on the ms store.

I don’t have much hope that many if any will be play anywhere, sadly.

it be what it be

Yeah, I saw the sales but since I know that they’ll be added to Game Pass at some point, I decided to do the opposite of what I did with Diablo IV - wait. lol

Plus, unless it’s a licensed game, it should never be removed from Game Pass so it’s not like I have to worry about it being removed at some point.

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