Spongers Info on Halo Infinite, Decision to Drop Halo Infinite for Xbox one being Touted

Spongers Quote I was considering a lot to post it or not, but after few consultations with few different sources I’ll put it;

Microsoft/343i is currently very busy with idea of dropping Xbox One support for Halo Infinite.

Even idea to postpone it to early 2022 is on the table. It’s pretty messy up there with decisions but they are convinced that they need to make best Halo game ever. Current version of Halo Infinite on Xbox One S is nowhere near 1080p (even lower than 900p) and is having serious asset loading issues (much worse that you have seen on PC demo).

Idea is to change at the engine level how assets load, make RT as default (improve/“unlock” some assets), improve geometry, post-processing and add more CPU bound interactivity. He usually gives out info regarding Obsidian and InXile and is a trusted source

In my opinion, if they are considering the possibility of dropping the Xbox One version, it is because the game is early enough in development for that. I would be inclined to support this decision, and I am sorry for Xbox One users, but Halo deserves the best hardware without compromises.


If what was shown was the XsX version, then god knows what the xbone s looks like!

What have they been doing the last 5 years? Terrible project management.


I have my doubts about 343i having NOW concerns about performance on xbox one. Can’t believe that these issues were not raised earlier in development.


The Idea of cross gen was bad from the get go that’s why Forza Motorsport is not a cross gen game because it probably started it’s production close to Series X release

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Would have been way smarter to:

  • launch XSX with Halo 3 Anniversary (a smaller project using outsourcing yet very big commercially because it’s Halo 3 and a lot of nostalgia)
  • give more time to Infinite (holidays 2021)

But what’s done is done.

However, I don’t believe that Infinite would be a 2022 game. MS needs a big title in 2021 (something they won’t have in 2020. 2 years in a row without a major 1st-party tentpole would look like very bad and be a big management mistake)

Game was supposed to launch in 3 months. I’m personally expecting it to release before June (end of fiscal year) or July now as the only known issues seem to be visuals (soundtrack sounds like in a good state, gameplay is good, story sounds good) and (based on the idea of shipping it in pieces) I feel like the MP is in a better state than campaign. Realizing so late, just 3 months before release, that you may need until 2022 to finish your game, and just after it being showcased to the world, would be one of the bigger mismanagements I’ve ever seen.


? A month ago they where saying it was coming this year. How early in development do you think this game is.


This is some extremely bad management if it’s true. Xbox will have fucked up their messaging on several levels if the game shall drop Xbox one support. But if its what’s gotta happen, well, I don’t have a problem, it’s just that it’s extremely unlikely to happen. Phil and team should have some major challenges to face after needing to have backtracked on their entire vision for cross gen.


It was. But I think that it born from the reality of not having games from their new studios ready for at least a couple of years.

Cross gen for a couple of years was an incentive to keep people subscribed until they have a steady stream and can force the upgrades.


We should accept the development has been an utter mess. If they are considering this, they may be able to optimise the game enough for XSX and create a game closer to their vision.


343 needs to decide what they are going to do, then let us know. I’m tired of this crap. Transparency is key.

Regarding a delay into 2022. If they do that than no shit drop Xbox one. How many people are seriously going to be playing on the one by then.

For them to skip over the 20yr anniversary would mean they are trying to get in some serious upgrades over what we saw.

It depends when the game will be released. A late 2021 release with 15m Xbox series consoles out there? Could be done. Early 2021? The backslash would be huge.

In 2022 they should definitely drop Xbox one support. PC is a more important platform anyways for Halo now. That’s where the buzz will be.

Also just bring MP to Xbox One. Campaign is Series and PC only. 120fps can be downscaled to 60

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Doubtful. Game is way too long in development for that to have any major benefit imo. Also if it runs on Xbox One that means they will have more infrastructure for xCloud streaming. That game will probably be the biggest one they need to account for. They said one Series X board can run four Xbox One S instances right? Seems like that would be smart to keep compatiblity.

Also I and many others would be very upset if they went back on their word of not supporting something that they have said would happen.

And btw, who is this person. Never heard of them. Everyone is an Insider these days I guess.

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Yo Winduu Sponger is a legit Insider if your not keeping a track of him Transistor the mod did verify that he has legit info

Have they had any info from 343 before? Seems like a lot of people latch on to anyone that has said anything credible before, even when it’s to do with an entirely different company. Get one little slice of info on something right and then suddenly you are the insider on the entire industry lol. Idk, always annoys me.

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Someone tagged transistor just now see his reply quote I’ve chatted with Sponger in the past. They’re definitely in a position to possibly know such things.

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