[Spoiler Free] Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase |OT| Tempered Expectations Not ALLOWED! [Spoiler Free]

Was that the first google result, or something?

He’s on Instagram

4 XboxEra threads, 2 OtherEra threads, 2 Reddit /r/, Twitter

When this weekend concludes I can get back to having some life.


I’m here, now waiting.


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My only two requests;

  1. Overwhelm me with Halo Infinite multiplayer information. Tell me everything, right down to the rocket launcher spawns on every map.
  2. Tell me who is playing Johanna Dark in Perfect Dark!

Super excited to see Starfield and Omen!


Indeed, we need a Discord. That would awesome, imagine watching this in voice. Also would be a nice social experience :).



Genuinely looking forward to this tomorrow! I’m mainly in it for Halo (i’d be happy with just a campaign trailer) and to see what Playground have got planned to push the Horizon series forward and of course a load of awesome gamepass announcement. The game i’d love to see there (but i’m not expecting!) is Hellblade 2 so beyond those three, everything else announced will be a very welcome surprise!

Last year i was guilty of getting caught up in the hype and what will and won’t be announced and all the insider vague teasers and stuff to the point it probably ruined my enjoyment of the show. This year around I’m just looking forward to sitting back and just relaxing to enjoy whatever Microsoft have up their sleeve!

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All about Starfield for me, can’t wait to finally see it

Oh and one little surprise or two would be rather nice…

p5 GIF


Man I hope so.


Killer art on the top by the way! Love it.

Anyone got any guesses on what the announcement that would melt OtherERA that Ed talked about on Rand’s podcast…?

If there’s Hellblade 2 gameplay tomorrow then I don’t need anything else it’s a straight 9/10 for me.

Something Japan related lol. Either an acquisition of a beloved studio or exclusivity on a beloved IP.

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So what is the policy on spoilers?

I don’t see a separate thread, and the community thread is blurred spoiler images.

So, not in here, then where?

Just out of curiosity.

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My initial guess was them buying From Software or Kojima’s studio….

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Got a feeling we will be seeing plenty of this tomorrow :wink:


No kidding. My productivity has been close to zero all week.