Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold 70 percent less than the game from 2018

Im surprised i won’t get to play it as I don’t like playstation am I missing something here? considering the game was very well received and its not like the game is only on ps5 as its also on ps4 I should mention its digital sales

First, that site is notoriously awful, so I don’t trust their data is true until we get it from other sources. I would refrain anyone from ever going there or discussing them.

But even if it is, I don’t think that’s so bad. It’s not a full sequel and Miles is not as big as Peter Parker. And while yes, it’s on PS4, a lot of people are waiting until we can get PS5s to play it. Like me.


I’ve seen other places report on this as well

If it is in fact true it wouldn’t surprise me.

How come

Well because it was kinda glorified DLC that they sold as a full priced game?

Maybe word of mouth hurt it?

My little cousin is a huuuuge Spider-man fan. Literally bought a PS4 for it.

He bought Morales day one and was bitterly disappointed with how short it was. He felt scammed. In Australia it costs $94.95 digitally. Which is what brand new full games cost.

It’s also not hugely different from the 2018 game.


I can see Miles Morales not selling close to the first game. First, it’s not Peter Parker. Second, Peter Parker’s face was changed due to the motion capture actor being changed which pissed off a lot of people. Third, it’s more of an expansion than a full fledged game. Fourth, it’s cross-gen which while most may think is a good thing, a lot also don’t. Fifth, it launched with a new console alongside a shit ton of other Fall/Holiday games and could have easily gotten lost in the shuffle.

With all of that said, I bought the game day one despite the fact that I won’t have a PlayStation 5 until the Spring some time and im very much looking forward to playing it. Loved the 2018 Spider Man and im expecting Miles Morales to be an 8.5/10 or 9.0/10 for me. I know the combat/gameplay is excellent and the story/characters/set pieces are great plus the game looks gorgeous and being able to play in 60FPS with Ray Tracing mode as me extremely hyped.

Back to the sales aspects, whatever it is it is. I purchased my copy and will eventually play it which is all I care about anyway. Hehehe.

Why the price Is so High for Australian market? Taxes?

It’s a short, very expensive DLC with a not-really Spiderman.


Nah, Sony just decided to fuck us on game pricing.

Yet was strangely very good to us on console pricing.

Not surprised but I’d imagine it still sold quite well regardless.

Do bundles count toward sales? I remember they bundled Spidey with a PS4 slim in November 2018. It sold out.

Buy the razor (handle) for cheap, pay out the nose for the blades.

I’m about 2-3 hours into the game on PS4 and I’ll say I found the first few hours besides the opening scene pretty mundane. A lot of doing side activities that aren’t interesting. And the main villain of the game so far is pathetic.

I really enjoyed the 2018 game, this one certainly feels like an add-on. Maybe I haven’t hit the good parts yet, I literally just got Miles signature suite so maybe the game will pick up now.

I’m surprised it’s sold so low, I would assume everyone who got the first would get this plus the owners of the new PS5.

The first Spiderman is very good, the main story is very well done, as good as any of the movies ( well, maybe not ramis Spiderman 1+2) the combat, web slinging and set pieces are the best ever in a spider Man game and very good when compared to other 3rd person action games, however what keeps the game in the 8/10 zone for me is that once you have completed the story theres little reason to replay it, the world is basically a huge film set with no real depth or interactivity. Its a pet peeve of mine when open world games have a shallow open world.

It’s almost entirely marketed as a PS5 game, of which there aren’t many out in the wild just yet. This news isn’t surprising imho.

It took me 10 hours to finish the game and I played a lot of side content. It’s a really fun and visually stunning game, but the asking price is a bit much. Also, I wasted an hour out of those 10 hours because the final boss is glitchy as fuck.

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I got it for free and I STILL think that is way too short for the asking price. It’s really good and tbh, given my playstyle a 10 hours game fits me fine, but I think about those folks who had to pay 50 bucks for this and it’s just too much money for how it lasts.

I’m glad to hear it’s short. I’ve put about 2 hours into it and I’m glad it’s not another 40 hour game. I need to get a back to it, been busy with Cyberpunk and Hivebusters.