Spicy if True | Starfield Console Launch Exclusive

Well I don’t want to waste a lot of time about this.

I was reading the Xbox Wire post: Xbox Focuses on Massive Lineup of the Biggest Franchises and Original IPs Fans Can Play Over the Next 12 Months - Xbox Wire

And noticed this legend above the trailer for Starfield:

Did they either just copy & pasted it or is in fact a console launch exclusive?

Not even something I’m giving the time of day, certainly a mistake


It’s copy/pasted almost every game in that article says it even XGS games


Forza, Pentiment and As Dusks Falls coming to other consoles confirmed.


Yep, it is unnecessarily difficult to confirm which ones are correct and which isn’t.

XGS games aren’t going to other consoles, simple as that.

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I know

Can we just not do this? Its obvious its a misake.

Yeah you wish. :smirk:

I mean, if you know what is the point of this thread? especially if it has a ps5 tag attached to it.

Nothing spicy. Just incompetent editors making mistakes.

This is clearly a mistake, not worth discussing