Specs for a hypothetical Xbox portable

I know that Game Streaming is currently tied to Game Pass, the expectation is that your entire library will be streamable at some point.

I can guarantee that will never happen due to legal reasons.

An attempt will be made and there will be exceptions.

MS has been putting streaming rights in their licensing agreements, so at a minimum new games should be covered. Old games would need to be negotiated.

Pretty sure only indies are subject to the streaming rights on Gamepass. Big publishers are not and would never be on board with it. It’ll be game by game basis for limited duration.

Guess we’ll see. Don’t see any reason big publishers would be against having their games streamed. Making it Game Pass only would be a great way to prevent it from every having streaming only customers. Not every game comes to Game Pass, including most of the biggest ones.

You see this in TV / film media. Some titles are only purchase-able on certain services and streamable on others. All for limited time.

This for the companies to negotiate the best deals.

I think it’s pretty rare (at least for movies, don’t pay much attention to TV shows) for titles to be purchasable only on certain services. Content available as part of a subscription is a different matter, since they are normally trying to get exclusive rights in order to draw people to their subscription services.

Microsoft is not trying to lock up exclusive streaming rights.

We do know for a fact that they want to make people’s libraries available via streaming. They have said so on Xbox Wire. That said, it has not happened yet so perhaps they are running into issues making it happen or maybe it’ll come when it’s out of beta.

Either way, I think it’s off topic so I guess I’ll leave it alone.

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We know how much they all want us playing their game 24/7 and nothing else, I’d find it hard to believe they would be fully against it. It would give them more time for people to buy things.

If game support is limited and that’s what you want then everything is possible.

Even the emmc storage deck is fine. Xbox just need to slap a Gamepass OS on it.

Even 512GB emmc storage with 300mb/s + XVA would slap the HDD solutions of previous gen.

But I’m not seeing how it would drive new gamepass subs. Who would say ‘well I wouldn’t buy a series S’ but I’d spend more on an Xbox one portable? Only people already in the ecosystem. And probably only a handful of them.

Now a surface like Xbox that was expensive but effectively was a series S in a tablet - I could see a market for that. Plenty of people would I think like that. But cost is prohibitive still.

I think there’s some thirst for a well made portable with a good library.

Don’t see it personally. What demographic are buying an Xbox one portable over a series S? I think the switch is pretty appealing to parents with kids but an Xbox one portable far less so. It would sell some but I struggle to see it being much more than a fad for the existing fan base only.

The target audience are people who want to play Fortnite, Warzone, Apex, Overwatch, third party AAA titles, Starfield, MS first party titles on the go / on the loo / in bed. At a performance level they’re used to for consoles.

You will never get that with a Nintendo consoles / handheld.

You might get some of that with one of the Windows handhelds but those are pricey, bloated and lacking in performance.

Obviously I don’t think this device will have mass market appeal. But for MS that’s the point, not every single entry of their family of devices needs to sell tens of millions.

It’s like Gamepass but hardware. It’s about the sum of the whole ecosystem. To have something for everyone.

I do want to have the numbers of Warzone, Fortnite, COD, Apex, Overwatch, PUBG etc players, who are interested in a handheld that can run the games at least 900p60fps. The analytics partly drive the business.

Starfield isn’t running on this device though is it? Nor are any next gen games. You can play fortnite on pretty much anything. COD again I’m not seeing someone who loves that game being bothered about it being mobile.

I get your point I just can’t see it. The R&D costs of these things are always higher than people think.

MS first party games will be on this device, maybe not day 1.

As for R&D concern, the APU will be dual used in a Surface device so not all eggs are in one basket.

I want it.

Starfield isn’t running on an Xbox one….

Technically the specs that I put forth is at least 2x Xbox One with SSD.

So for next gen games, these are the clocks.

8 core Zen 2ghz with SMT, 12 CU at 1.35ghz, 2+ teraflops, Perhaps the ram can be bumped to 10GB to match Series S.

If they can’t fit the game on the device, there is always Xcloud. That’s the long term plan for it anyways.

One update: There are no portable displays with true VRR. The displays used in gaming monitors with VRR are also too large.

Dream is dead. Pack it up boys. Long live steam deck.

Multiple Frame Rate options are now available though in mobile phones now.

Is it somehow impossible to have vrr on small screens?