Soul Hackers 2: are you buying it?

  • Are you going to get Soul Hackers 2?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Only if it’s on Game Pass
  • I will get it, but not on Xbox
  • Waiting on more information before I decide, but leaning towards yes
  • Waiting on more information before I decide, but leaning towards no

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Atlus is returning to Xbox for the first time in a decade with Soul Hackers 2! This game looks to be capitalizing on their twin successes of the PS exclusive Persona 5 and Nintendo exclusive SMTV by sort of striking a middle ground (Persona’s aesthetics and character focused storytelling, SMTV’s mechanics and systems). It’s a fairly exciting looking new game, that will also probably inform the direction of future Atlus support for Xbox.

Are you going to be getting this game? Are you waiting on more details? Will it take Game Pass for you to give it a go? Sound off!

I will try on Game Pass.

No I never heard of it

In all seriousness yes of course. I absolutely do not expect it day 1 Game Pass. I do highly feel we will see Persona on Game Pass though.

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No. Not for me.

100 percent. Hopefully theres physical version. If not will buy digitally.

Yes, I’ll be buying it, but waiting to see if there’s a Microsoft reward quest for purchasing it

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I’ll get it on Xbox for sure.

Of course I’m buying it! I put my money where my mouth is!

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Compliments for creating an unbiased poll. Now if the sample size could improve :wink:

Is anyone else not particularly interested in the game but want to show support for Atlus and Japanese titles on Xbox? :confused:

Yeah that’s me, it doesn’t look great IMO lol. I’m open to being convinced though.

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I just know I won’t get around to playing it despite buying it full price lol

Ill get my time out of it because JRPGs are my “play while on exercise bike” games, lol


That sounds like punishment! :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I’d like to buy it to show support, but I don’t think that I can do so if it’s 70 bucks or more when it may not be a game that I’m going to play all the way through.

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No way its 70 bucks. Will be 60.

And showing support doesn’t mean blind buying it at launch, you can wait for even a 20 or 30% sale a few months down the road.

I’m a big fan of the Persona games and I keep meaning to give the wider SMT franchise a try, so I’m excited to play Soul Hackers 2. Particularly as it seems like it’s taken some cues from P5 with all the visual flair.

Think I probably will. Gonna look at reviews first, though, especially since I haven’t played an Atlus game before.

Yeah like the social aspects. Straight from Persona.

I just want to support japanese developers to show there is a reason to put the games on xbox

So I plan to purchase it and also buying my friend a copy for a gift

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