Sony's Next Gen Strategy

The title speaks for itself. For the entirety of this gen Sony is the only platform holder who still uses the shitty tactic of locking content and games behind their platform. This is unacceptable in 2020! Destiny items, Control season pass, MW2 remaster and now one of the most popular characters on earth (Spider-Man) is getting held hostage by the their deal with Marvel/Square And don’t forget that you cant use ps4 controller on ps5 at all.

While their main competitor MS are open to all platforms and they stopped with deals like this. And don’t forget about crazy value of GamePass which is most pro-consumer thing this/next gen

So what do you think XboxEra? Is there any way to stop Sony from being anti-consumer? Or will they continue with this into the whole start of next gen?

I will not buy Avengers and I will ignore it when it inevitably hits GamePass too


I think people say anti-consumer a little too fast sometimes. Sony is offering the most value for their customers and it seems they are willing to go pretty far with that.

It’s their strategy. I can’t say I really care that much to be honest. This is all in the game.

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Sony will continue with deals like this to further ensure that the marketshare momentum from this gen isn’t lost during the transition to the next gen unfortunately.

The only way this will change is when the price of making said deals goes up substantially, its now a case for MS to obtain more market share be it through gamepass/console sales or xcloud. When they attain a much larger base of potential customers then companies might change their tune in the future.

Plus they have no answer at the moment to gamepass currently so I would guess these deals are also related to trying to even the playing field a little more in that regard. PS Now has a long way to go to get on the same level of trying to disrupt the market as gamepass is currently trying to.

You will see a lot more of those things from Sony for the next 2 years. Not much choice for them as they don’t have anything yet to counter Game Pass. Those deals are counter measures regardless how shitty we think they are.

I don’t personally see it as an anti-consumer thing, since it seems like something Sony has always done but it certainly highlights the fact that Sony and MS are heading in very different directions. On one hand I can see the reason to split the generations and get as many people as possible to move onto new tech. On the other hand, I still prefer the idea that new tech is available if you want it but there are lots of other ways to play the same content.

The recent controller stuff did make me laugh. Lack of controller features makes sense to drop it but could they not just block out those features and use older controllers? I get it if they have specific features using new controller features but I just don’t know what they cannot just be flexible.

Sorry, rambling lol.

I think that they are just using their position in the market right now, but I think this is not a Sony only thing , MS in the past (end of 360 and xbox one pre-release) has done a lot of anti consumer things. For things like this we need a strong competition in the market.

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@BanAnime I edited your title and first sentence so we can discuss the topic more appropriately. :smiley:

OT: I think that Sony is just continuing their same strategy that has been working for them. I personally can’t fault them for that and I don’t think it’s an anticonsumer strategy. I wish that they would change their ways like Microsoft but I understand this strategy has worked for them whereas Microsoft is taking a different approach.

I feel like the only way Microsoft can compete is to be equally as aggressive with crappy tactics.

But honestly rather no one did these anti consumer tactics.

I’m sure someone will bring up the tetris versus mode exclusivity for xbox, but that is for a 2 year old game and will come to PlayStation and steam later as a free update. :slight_smile:

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Microsoft should just focus on their strategy, which is led by GamePass. I’d rather them get more games and fund more games that go into the subscription than worry about timed content or exclusive content. If they focus on that, they can get more people into their ecosystem and platform.


I don’t see the issue on this. Sony funded the spidy DLC and chose to give it for free.

And this did not change my pre-order. I will play on xbox even thou I will not be able to pick spidy nor play his story missions. I was not expecting this DLC, nor it changes what I am getting out of my money.

And, to be honest, lately I am seeing less and less value on (timed) exclusives. With streaming and youtube, it is easier to consume such content by viewing others play.

I would prefer that too, game pass is insane value. It’s great, I ask a friend if they want to play a game and the first thing they always ask is, is it on game pass? Means I can play games with more friends :slight_smile:

That doesn’t really make sense. No one needs to fund Spiderman. They paid to have it locked to PS.

I’d actually prefer if Microsoft stopped doing timed exclusives for established games altogether. Use the budget to fund interesting games and Game Pass deals.


Day 1 Game Pass deals and even Game Pass exclusivity deals are a better investment than timed exclusive DLC.

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They pretty much have really have they not? I agree though. I’d rather more stuff on Gamepass and building more studios.

Rather they used that budget to build publishing games

The way I see it, MS has 2 choices. Because Sony isn’t going to change.

  1. Play the game. Invest heavily in locking away DLC. Moneyhat big games.

  2. Don’t play the game. Invest in maximizing consumer value (Game Pass, Free Online). Moneyhat games from smaller devs and invest to bring franchises associated with PlayStation and PC to Xbox too (S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Yakuza, Dragon Quest, etc.) Ensure a steady stream of GamePass content from third and first party with day 1 deals. Continue to grow first party through acquisition, creation, growth and partnership.

The way I see it, I’d much rather they hypothetically pay to have Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad launch day one into Game Pass than pay to lock Batman to Xbox.


Agreed. But I don’t really mind if they fund interesting games via publishing, ID@Xbox or a different deal. I just don’t think you grow the industry by paying large publishers for exclusivity.

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I take issue with Sony offering value. They aren’t. Xbox are letting you reuse controllers and easily stump any value with gamepass.

What Sony do is try and make their platform better by taking content off other consoles. That isn’t value. As a PS gamer you don’t benefit one jot from Spider-Man only being in your platform. You’d have been playing him anyway.

I could make a political analogy but probably a bit dangerous to do so. I think Xbox want to do best by their gamers genuinely without entering into the content wars with competitors. Sony just stay their usual aggressive selves.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of it at all. But I see how Sony differentiates their platform from other platforms by offering exclusive content.

So it’s not like they’re adding value. But by taking away value from other platforms, they are offering more value.