Sony’s Jim Ryan: Blockbuster Games Cost $100M+, Bringing New IP To Market Is “Very Risky”

Ol’ Jimmy Ryan makes another case for why Game Pass is great

Gives the same “organic growth” one liner even though they’ve been money hatting timed exclusives left and right

Also talks about games costing 100+ million to make

Right now I am seeing A LOT of similarities between Playstation and Blockbuster video…Playstation is on top but holding on to dear life to an antiquated business model. Games costing 70$. I’m from Vancouver and in Canada sometimes the games can be 90 bucks.

So you basically can choose between playing Elder Scrolls, Starfield, Halo for a small subscription fee or playing games on the PS5 that, while likely will be quality games would cost you over 200 bucks to get three retail games in the US, let alone Canada which is crazy. We’re looking at over 250 bucks to play 3 full AAA retail games.

I believe this is going to bite Sony in the ass and even if they do decide to adopt the GP model later on then its going to be too late for them just like with Blockbuster video when they tried to adopt video streaming too late.

Eh. That’s a lot of hyperbole there.

Sony will only ever have success with it’s 100 million dollar blockbusters because that’s what the fanbase expects out of them and so they sell.

Even the weakest blockbuster they made was Days Gone, which sold stupid well because it was a Sony first party game. I think Sony’s 1st party AAA games are too big to fail.

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Will see how long that last…if you’re looking at one end and see Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok, and Spider-man 2 on one end

Then see Fable, Starfield and Avowed on the other end

Then see one having a 210$ + tax price tag attached to it and the other having a 10-15$ price tag attached to it…it heavily sways in the latters favor.

Playstation’s sole biggest advantage is that they have games available right now to play with Demon Souls, Miles Morales and their bigger games like God of War and Horizon FW are likely to come sooner than Xbox heavy hitting games. So its easier to justify a PS5 right now…that’s likely to change when Xbox heavy hitting games come out.

No I think Sony just has it’s 1st Party name brand recognition to throw behind it now. I think they could make a new IP, have it be a 60/70 meta and still have it crack several million. They are masters of hype and marketing. Their games are too big to fail.

The AAA Sony exclusives do sell their millions just off name and marketing alone and the same applies to Nintendo because their fans have a high degree of quality expectation behind them. Something xbox needs to build this gen.

Exactly. Death Stranding had STUPID amount of hype for a game that was pretty okay, but man did Sony make that THE event of 2019. I think it still sold crazy well all things considering world wide.

Their games are too big to fail.

Funny thing about Death Stranding is that Sony has yet to publicly acknowledge any milestone which should tell you how internally that was received. One of the few “flops” of Sony on PS4.

Gamepass is bound to fix that, being able to take more risks with AAA games because of the way it is being distributed to a large player base paying a monthly price. I feel like we will see a lot more new ideas from MS this gen thanks to this.

Days Gone was good. :triumph:

Again though will see how long that last…they have name recognition but they’re not Nintendo level…also Playstation games tend to dive into the bargain bin fairly quickly so its easier for them to crack 10+ million when you can buy the Horizon Zero Dawn Complete edition for 12 bucks

I’m playing it now. It’s alright but man Deacon never shuts the fuck up and it bothers the hell out of me.

It’s such a mean, drab game. It’s off putting.

Is he trying to convince us to allow another price increase?

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This isn’t entirely accurate…case in point Days Gone sells millions of copies…Dreams which is one of their most critically acclaimed games this gen sold like wet fart…which is a shame too because that game was actually creative and unique where Days Gone was run of the mill generic

(for the record I’ve played Days Gone off the PS5+ collection and I actually am enjoying it but its still very run of the mill)

Its mostly the 3rd person cinematic action/adventure games Sony makes that sell well.

Dreams is mostly digital only. We have no records on how that sold digitally.

IIRC Death Stranding didn’t sell too well compared to other Sony games…I’m 90% sure that Days Gone outsold it …Ghost probably outsold it too at this point

Well, it is the post-apocalypse lol. I thought Deacon’s monologuing added to the instability of his character.

I mean yeah if it follows their template. Like GR2 sold bad and its one of my top 3 Sony games this gen.

Loved Days Gone. My 2019 game of the year and my 3rd best game of the generation. Can’t wait for Days Gone 2 on PS5!!!

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So it would legit take them 1 month with 10 million paying subs on Game Pass to make back the money, Game Pass already has 15M+ subs so if that 100M+ game keeps those 15M subbed another month they would be in profit for that title in a single month.

Let’s say Xbox releases 5 100M budget games in a single year, that’s 500M they need to make back in 12 months. They would need 4.16M~ people to pay $10 a month for 12 months to make that cash back, this isn’t even counting the $15 sub, which would only need 2.7m subs paying $15 a month for 12 months.

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So it costs 100 million🤔 maybe 150 at tops!

So Gamepass at just 15 million subs is getting enough revenue to fund a new game every month🤓 (napkin math offcourse)

What’s better then getting a new game for every month.

I see Gamepass as a household thing, daily soap operas, kids shows and sports. And sometimes there are gems like game of thrones and stranger things.

As gamer on budget, Gamepass is all that’s needed :sunglasses:

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