Sony PS5 DualSense Controller Drift – Class Action Investigation

#1 Sony PS5 DualSense Controller Drift – Class Action Investigation – Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP

CSK&D is investigating a potential class action based upon reports that Sony PS5 DualSense controllers for the PlayStation 5 console can experience drift issues and/or fail prematurely. Specifically, it is reported that the joystick on certain PS5 DualSense controllers will automatically register movement when the joystick is not being controlled and interfere with gameplay.

If you own a PS5 Dualsense controller experiencing drift issues, please contact the attorney(s) listed below by filling out the form provided.

Uh oh :hushed:

Im not really surprised, its been sonys way to be agressive in cost reduction on products (to much in this case) and spend big on advertising.

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wasn’t there a class action for xbox controller too?

For Nintendo as well, with the switchs joy con I believe.

I dont know, but it seems drift on the PS5 Dual sense is quite widespread.


I honestly expected the triggers to be a major issue. Not drift. I don’t see those triggers lasting long

I feel like I must be very lucky though. Been playing games since the 80s and owned so many controllers and had every controller ever with a stick or sticks and only experienced drift on ONE joycon. Which mind you, took 3 years to start drifting.

I hate the dualshock 4’s so no surprise. The one I got with the PS4 started drifting within a month, the replacement took a couple months, replaced that and same shit. I gave up on it then. Crap, crap, crap. Feels like handling a toy from a Happy Meal.

I have about 40 Xbox controllers, not a single one with drift issues. Had one with a wonky d-pad out of the box, that’s it.

In the meantime I had 3x X1 controller with stick drift. The first stick drift was after 2 months, the second 1 year and the last one 10 hours. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo need to improve the build quality. Very annoying.

I wonder if there needs to be a fundamental change in how analog sticks work. This has been a problem for many generations now.

Having owned way more than 10 consoles in my life I have only ever experienced drifting with those damn Joycons, but even then I could fix them with some compressed air.

I don’t own a PS5, though.

Oh, and the bumpers quality on those Xbox One controllers were also attrocious.

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Nothing defeats the abysmal Joycons. Drift heavens :neutral_face:

I haven’t had any drifting issues with any controller ever except for the DualShock 2. In general, im pretty sure that every controller seems to have issues in which a class action lawsuit gets filed.

I never understand drift related law suits.

It is a mechanical problem, excessive usage can lead to early failure afterall.

How does these companies defend themselves on this matter? And how much can consumer ask for compensation?

In my case “excessive use” was 30 hours on average…

I will honestly be amazed if those things don’t start breaking down in a big way after a couple of years work.

They’re complicated & fiddly. The more complicated & fiddly tech gets, the higher chance it’ll break.

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I sent one of my Joycons that was drifting to get fixed and once that came back the other one’s locking mechanism stopped working so I had to send it too since I couldnt game.

I had better luck with the joycons, the failure rate was only 66% compared to DS4 100%.

Honestly, mate. I’ve probably put around 100 hours tops into my PS5 since I got it at launch and my Duelsense controller included in the system has a sticky square button and the R2 trigger snapped the other night while playing miles morales. I am not a heavy handed player and I take real care of my stuff. Also the same as you, Ive never really had any problems before in all my years of gaming.

For three seperate days ive been on hold to sony support for over an hour with no answer and I’ve had to finally hang up due to work calls.

In the end ive just purchased a second pad from Amazon to tide me over until i can get the original replaced. £60

The Trigger issue is a much more major thing IMO, as soon as I searched the net about it, it’s everywhere. I’m hoping a bigger fuss get’s kicked up soon as I want to get mine repaired as easily as possible.

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