Sony must have had Dev kits for the Xbox Series X/S in order to make MLB The Show

I was just listening to a podcast where they talked about how they were shocked that MLB for Xbox wasn’t being delayed but instead coming out day and date with Sony’s version. And that the reason that is so weird is that that mush mean that Sony San Diego must have had Xbox Series X/S dev kits in there studios before they were finalized. How much trust MS must have had to give Sony to not just look at the dev kits and not adjust there consoles to completely counter Xbox on all fronts, knowing what the competition is working on. I hadn’t thought of it till them mentioned it. Of course there were probably contract and NDA’s but still.

I don’t think these matter as much. I mean, if you wanna go deeper, Microsoft has had PS5 devkits through Mojang and the like for a while now cuz Minecraft is multiplatform.


The notion that Sony nor Microsoft knew what each other was working on in makes me laugh. They just did a similar console with different approaches.


Sure but like in that case Xbox bought it after the consoles had come out and Minecraft was on the PS3. And it took a whole year after the PS4 and Xbox One launched for it to get a port to the newer systems. And currently they just run backwards compatible don’t they?

Console specs can’t just be adjusted on a whim. This stuff is locked in WELL in advance.

Sony’s hardware was well and truly locked by the time San Diego got their dev kit, which mind you, would have been well before proper finalisation.


^^This. Some stuff can change but it’s small stuff that wouldn’t affect game dev so early on anyhow.

They were almost certainly both offered the same baseline tech suit from AMD anyhow, but they had their bespoke goals in mind and adjusted things towards those goals. Those goals won’t change just because they heard their competitor was doing something else.

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Seems to be the consensus. It was just something that I had never thought of until I saw a Playstation podcast bring it up. Cause we know even Phil has been sketchy about talking about Sony’s dev kits. I forget which interviewer asked him if he has seen the PS5 dev kit and he said he had to watch his wording carefully (maybe to not get the developers in trouble) but that because he visited many 3rd party studios he know that they are around. Made me think of the possible Legal paper work behind these things.

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Yeah they do. Not a big deal as Microsoft developers might have PS5 dev kits and Bethesda will probably have some for awhile as well.

Ffs ms release a die shot, showed the internals early last year and did multiple online videos of their tech and doing walkthroughs. Not only that but they did that hotchips event, I’m not sure there’s much more to learn.


I mean… of course they did.

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the ESRAM in the Xbox One a very late addition to the console because how bad the RAM was in comparison with the PS4 ? (GDDR3 VS GDDR5)

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Wrong. It was a very early on decision.

The extremely late and surprise to nearly everyone around memory configuration was PS4 getting 8GB instead of 4GB.


Thanks for the correction and explanation.

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No, but RAM bumps are basically the only “late” adjustment in some cases.

Both PS4 and 360 got last minute ram bump ups.



Its clear MS knew PS5 specs at the time of the seriesX spec unveal because of how much they made a point about fixed clocks.

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Nobody can counter a console from the competition in a few months to a year. You don’t need more time to do a port.

They could of just said target these PC specs.

Porting from PC to series consoles is probably quite easy.