Sony expanding PC releases

Seems like Sony are going full steam ahead on competing MS with streaming and PC. From their new released docs:

Will be interesting to see how it goes. I think MS for sure have a huge head start with PC crowd.

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glad to see sony copying gaming communism


If they didn’t put bomba Returnal on day one, they won’t put Horizon on.

Nothing in that slide indicates that Horizon is going day 1 to that service.

I don’t see Horizon 2 on PS Now listed at all???/

I think it is on the second picture, in the service updates category. It is still unclear if they are meaning that Horizon will eventually come into the service, or if it is Day One.

This. Although it means these games will be on PC…so …exclusives huh?

And Gamepass/ Xcloud seems to be outselling PSNow life to date every quarter now …good luck closing that gap

This is a reach, based on that slide.

I edited the title to reflect what the slides show

Returnal didn’t sell well?

If Sony dont acknowledge sales in a post then your guess is as good as ours.

Would be shocked if it DIDN’T sell well at least for Housemarque. Dont know what kind of expectations Sony may have.

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I mean, we might be getting Uncharted 4 like what, 5 years after release at the earliest? That’s not really matching MS’s Day 1 output on PC.

Same with PSNow, I don’t think they’ll match Day 1, they’ll do like they did previously and add 1st party games more than a year after release for 2-3 months and then pull them from the service which is honestly a joke and not how you should treat a service of the sort.

What I saw though that shocked me is Sony is expecting to get more than 50% marketshare, meaning they are expecting MS to lose marketshare even more, and that doesn’t sound good at all, especially with the 3rd party exclusives situation.

That’s without taking into account what MS might be doing on their own, because I’mp retty sure they will just take a beating without saying anything.

The execs at Sony must be smoking something if they think they will get that. Either that or they haven’t realised the Switch exists.

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Ha Ha

They aren’t. If they were going to attempt to take on gamepass tooth and nail they would have gone on an acquisition spree already (fuel for the engine). I doubt they ever will.

Lol no it sold 6-9k first well in Japan and in the UK. It’s most probably under 200k.

Maybe they’re expecting the Switch U to almost sink the company (again)

On topic: even late, this would be great. I’ll always cheer for more games in the hands of more people. I’m not a PC gamer, but having the option to play Sony exclusives without paying for the hardware would be nice. I’m basically pro-anything that delays my purchase of a PS5 :slightly_smiling_face:

Uncharted 4??? Really?? Er. Stop being cowards and put shadow of the colossus or God of War or last of us on pc. Not these mediocre games like death stranding uncharted 4 and days gone. Horizon was ok.

Older games only. And the real blockbusters haven’t shown up yet. Maybe during the E3 conference, although they aren’t participating … again