Sony confirms the PS5 won’t support internal NVME storage expansion at launch

Sony confirms the PS5 won’t support SSD storage expansion at launch

While the PS5 features a dedicated internal slot that can theoretically fit standard stick-shaped M.2 SSDs and [an easy way to access it] the slot will apparently be disabled out of the box. “This is reserved for a future update,” Sony tells The Verge.

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Well, that sucks!

Wtf? How is it possible? Disappointing!

I guess we know why Microsoft made their own.


The truth has now come out Microsoft has really thought of everything when it comes to hardware


Some details on this!


Series X|S…the only next gen consoles you can upgrade your storage. ffs


I wonder why the new SSD’s from Samsung and WD doesn’t work…

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Lol I can clearly see the ad :upside_down_face:

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WTF? I thought WD has a confirmed option they were already selling?


Like I thought you likely won’t just be able to grab a drive off the shelf and use it. Sony will probably partner with a manufacturer and have an official drive to use. Otherwise there will be a whitelist and officially licensed drives.

When the games have actual game design elements that hinge on the drive spec it makes no sense it have it open. Sony has to tightly control what drives can be used otherwise a drive even slightly under performing could break games. If this is not the case then the SSD can’t really be tied to the game design except for loading.

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What a complete joke.


That actually genuinely sucks for that guy.

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Oof, that really sucks for that person, hopefully they can get their money back quickly. Specifically because we don’t know how if Sony will confirm that ssd for compatibility or not.

Lol did Sony even warn people before this?

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Not surprising. Until WD announced their new SSDs, there really wasn’t a capable drive out there and I said right away that you should take anything WD says with a grain of salt these days.

People are upset by this, but Sony went for bleeding edge with their SSD and it shouldn’t be a surprise that capable drives simply don’t exist yet (at least not officially).

If this was the Series X|S MS would have been crucified and burned at the stake.


The Samsung 970 Pro NVMe already had similar specs tbh.