Sony announces a special week... for PSVR

From PS Blog:

“So to manage expectations, there’ll be no PS5-related news”

This week sees new reveals and updates on upcoming games, as well as a VR-focused PS Store promotion .

Hey all. Over the next few days, we’re going to spotlight some upcoming games coming to PlayStation VR, including some announcements and updates for previously revealed PS VR titles.

It kicks off today at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST / 7am PST, and we’ll have further updates to share each day at the same time through to Friday.

And as mentioned, this is all about the games. So to manage expectations, there’ll be no PS5-related news.

There’ll also be a PS VR promotion on PS Store kicking off this week. Read on for more!

PlayStation Store PS VR sale

Starting this Wednesday, September 9, PS Store will be hosting a PS VR promotion. This sale will showcase the diverse range of experiences only possible on the platform with a range of titles available at a discounted price for a limited time*.

That includes titles such as:

Arizona Sunshine Astro Bot Rescue Mission Blood & Truth Borderlands 2 VR Everybody’s Golf VR Farpoint Firewall Zero Hour L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Superhot VR Tetris Effect Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

From Wednesday, September 9, head on to PS Store from your PS4 or browser to check out the full sale list when the sale goes live.

They are really taking the piss now :laughing:


So there is really something happening at the 9th of september. 4chan was right !

My new bet for the price announcement is 1 week before launch.

At this point its seems they are willing to wait until the last week.

VR for Minecraft huh.

Ridiculous, it really is.

Microsoft really needs to let us know their roadmap for VR on xbox. So far we have their studios having VR features for games on other platforms, but nothing announced for xbox

Studios with VR features: Mojang: Minecraft InExile: VR FPS game Ninja Theory: Project Mara seems like a VR game Turn 10: I have a feeling PC version of forza will have VR Flight simulator VR on PC

I’m sure I am missing some, but this is starting to feel awkward for xbox gamers

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Will it really release in 2020? Cause we don’t know so much about the PS5 compared to XSX. No teardown no hardware deep dive, no os features, no physical console shown except 3D renders. Something smells fishy…

Yes its odd that sony have not done a teardown yet, theres litteraly no negetive to doing a teardown unless its really bad compared to the xbox serries X, but I dont see how it can be, it probably going to be rather interesting, its either a big ol heatsink and a big ass fan or several smaller fans, maybe multiple heatsinks?

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Look at the devkit patented there were multiple small fans. We didn’t see the back of the console why? What are they hiding? Special magical ports? Lol or rather something more related to cooling that they are not definitive with? Maybe they can’t contain the heat yet…

Remember during the PS5 reveal there was a little disclaimer saying they could change things without notice…

I dont theres any special ports, sony are even more cost sensitive then Microsoft. Sony even skimp on the packaging with plain cardboard