Sonic Frontiers releases on November 8, 2022

The overall movement and the way Sonic stays suspended in the air while attacking makes me believe they are using a faster version of the PSO2 NG engine. That would be a very good thing. I’m cautiously optimistic right now.

Sega is charging $60 for this so I hope they have enough content at launch. Unlike pso2:NG which only had a weekend of content and pissed off fans.


It doesn’t look bad. Hopefully, we get 60fps and very little pop-in.

Is the wheel thing a Ubi tower?

The one thing I don’t understand is the weirdly designed robots, but I haven’t played a 3d Sonic game since Sonic Heros on GameCube. They don’t seem like something that naturally fits into the Sonic universe. I’m assuming Eggman didn’t make those.

Looks alright!

The biggest thing for me will be how it feels. I recently played through Sonic Adventure (via Dreamcast emulation on Retroarch), and Sonic just feels so good to move around. You can turn on a dime and perform incredible spindash jumps. I actually think it’s a great translation of the 2D games into 3D.

While I really like Sonic Generations (and it looks amazing on Series X), Sonic’s movement is quite stiff in that game. It’s got a great sense of speed, but the movement isn’t as fluid as I would like.

I’m cautiously optimistic for this Frontiers!

So since IGN is giving us the full gameplay reveal today at 12 EST, what are they showing at Kieghleys game show? Persona 6? Project Re Fantasy? That new shooter from Creative Assembly?

I’m somewhat excited for this game. If the next wave of details give more clear gameplay I could see myself getting this as a Xmas present.

Up Yours Elden Ring. GOTY 2022 already LOL

Less than two hours till the reveal. I’m getting excited

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It looks terrible. I’m sorry. The movement looks so wrong and cheap and I’d believe you if you told me this was one of those 1 person Unreal Engine test games. Highly noticeable pop in as well.


Holy shit that was bad, the art style is atrocious. The contrast between sonic, the world, then the random rail grinding sections makes zero sense. It literally looked like the equivalent of a fan-made Sonic game. A very bad first showing for a game that seemed to be highly anticipated.

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Yeah, it looks like a fan-made game. They should have gone with a stylised cell-shading graphics instead of… this.

Day One on Game Pass.


Just replace Nintendo with “Sega” and “Mario” with “Sonic” lol

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If Sonic Frontiers is released in 2023 then it would mark the 25th anniversary of poor 3D Sonic games.

It looks ok but im not a fan of the movement and I really really hate how autopilot some things look

I ahte it when games take control away from the player, whenever sonic goes on something like a spring or one of those speed pads it just instantly teleports you to the next one/area

Its so boring, let me control Sonic more so I actually feel like im the one doing something, there’s no challenge with the platforming here

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I dunno, kind of seems more like PlayStation Plus Extra fodder…

Looks awful. Could be succesor to sonic 06

Of which I doubt you played any

I’m a believer. Haha i know I am in the minority but I think it shows promise and it will turn out to be good.

The music doesnt fit, it needs to be a more upbeat song. The speed looks good at the 5 minute mark where he blazes across the open world. They should have shown more instances like that because the rest of the trailer felt like the movement was slow. It felt really empty because there was no enemies. You need to place enemies directly at the top of a hill or have them placed in the area once you jump off the grind rail and be able to fight immediately. Other than that the physics look fine.

If they show tails and knuckles flying and gliding around doing crazy melee attacks mid air and dodging and darting PSO2 style. Its going to be magnificent.

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They will never be able to make a good 3D Sonic

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