Sonic Central recap

Recapping everything that was announced in the sonic stream Sonic colors ultimate (Xbox, playstation, switch and pc)

Sonic origins 2022

New 3D sonic game for 2022 no official title cross gen (Xbox one and series consoles, Ps4 and ps5, Switch and Pc

Sonic colors animation first episode in the summer

Sonic the fighters in a arcade in lost judgement

Sonic costume in the toyko Olympics video game

Merchandise to celebrate the anniversary


Possible name for the 3d game

It’s was also made clear that Sonic 3 will also have widescreen support as it wasn’t obvious in the video.

Yep I wonder how they are gonna handle sonic 3 if you know the history about it revolving around the music

I’m fairly familiar, but I don’t know everything about it, I’m confused as to why that’s the case. I’ll need to do some research on it.

Michael Jackson was involved with the soundtrack sonic 3 has not had a re-release I don’t think since the 7th gen

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I was aware of that (and actually suspected it as a teen when I first got the game lol before any of it was confirmed) but I didn’t realize that, since his death, the legal circumstances have changed.

I just did a bit of reading on it. It also looks like his producers that worked on the actual compositions took issue with how they were compensated.

Yea so i wonder what they are gonna handle this

The 2022 Sonic game may possibly be called Sonic Rangers:

Yea threw was other things too time warp was referenced too it was noted it can change same thing happened with forces

If rangers is the name this leak called it few months ago

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Idk if I’ll buy the collection because I already have the 360 versions. Will definitely buy Colors though… makes me wonder if they’ll release it as Colours again over here.

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I only played the handheld version of colors which was DS so I probably will at some point pick up colors

Image from polygon confirms the name??

End of url of the picture specifically said sonic rangers

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All I want from the new Sonic is good design that’s focused on Sonic. The 3D games are at their worst when he’s not the focus.

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Yea seems like this new one is

Another leak saying open world too interestingly this was back in August