Something I've seen no one mention... Will Destiny 1 come to GamePass after acquisition?

I’d love to replay destiny 1 with more population, and potentially 60fps !

Will we get this since it was Activision published?

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Does the game even work anymore?

Yes it does, it’s just hard to play at 30fps in 2022. There’s still players in the tower

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Even the 360 version is still active!

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I dont expect it to come to any subscription service but if it does it wont be Game Pass, don’t expect anything Sony own come to GP

Activison (Microsoft) owns Destiny 1 doesn’t it

They published it but they don’t own the IP

So if it was to come to GP it would have to be under Sony’s say so and that ain’t happening, plus it’s Destiny 1

I doubt either Sony or MS care about Destiny 1

This isn’t true. Microsoft doesn’t need to own the IP to put it on game pass, an example of this is Sunset Overdrive. Sony owns the IP but MS owns the publishing rights to the first game and it’ll be on game pass forever as a result. It’s also the same reason why Sekiro will come to game pass despite From owning the IP.


they own the publishing rights so if activision has the publishing rights to destiny it could be there and same with sekiro shadows die twice

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Isn’t it dirt cheap?

Nope it’s full price like old call of duties… Take a look…

And it’s more about the potential for 60fps, would breathe new life into a game many consider superior to destiny 2

I played it at launch. Was boring as hell and never went back. I cant believe destiny launched in that state.

You can buy it for less than $5 on eBay, very weird to even think about since this games been dead for years.

I was thinking a disc copy

Mass Effect 1 as well


Digital only here.

Destiny 1 is never coming to Gamepass. Or any Sony subscription service. Destiny 2 is Destiny’s online digital presence from here on out. By the time any legal issues would shake out most of the high rated content from D1 will be in D2 anyway.