Somerville launches November 15th 2022

Originally published at: Somerville launches November 15th 2022 - XboxEra

In a surprise tweet out of nowhere, Jumpship have revealed Somerville is launching this year, coming to Xbox and DayOne on Game Pass, and to PC on both the Epic and Steam storefronts on November 15th.

Somerville.November 15th. #Somervillegame

— Jumpship (@jumpshipstudio) October 27, 2022

The team at Jumpship have been very quiet and presumably hard at work on the game since it was first revealed back in June of 2017. It’s been a long time coming, and thankfully not long left before it’s in your hands.

Are you planning on playing Somerville? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on our forums.


I have been looking forward to this one, so will definitely be playing it. But, given the release date, it will probably be after Pentiment.

And it may not be close to the release date since I still need to finish P5R and Plague Tale: Requiem.

Game Pass has been fantastic to close out the year - even without major first party titles. Way too many games for me to keep up with.


It could be a 2-3 hour thing line Playdead’s games in which case I’ll probably play it right away

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LOVED LIMBO and INSIDE. I know this is a different studio but the feeling is there. Can’t wait.




Excuse me?? There’s been no coverage on this game for months.

Definitely going to play this. Only question is exactly when. Not enough time to get through GamePass and Backlogs.


Damn, that’s a nice surprise

I normally dread going to Somerville (Massachusetts, at least), but I’m very much looking forward to this Somerville!

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Don’t want or need to see anymore, both Limbo and especially Inside are about as good as gaming can get for me.

Really interested to see how this differs from the two aforementioned games as the director has said this isn’t like those two. Not long to find out now anyway, could be a surprise GotY contender, maybe.

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