Somebody else does like the Series S more?

I bought both consoles and somehow I like the small cute Series S more. It does everything the same as the big brother, but it looks so much nicer and cleaner.

Objectively the Series X is better value with 3x performance and 2x storage, but subjectively the Series S feels like the better tech. It’s next gen console gaming packed into the size of PS1/PS2 gaming era.
It’s sitting at my GFs and the TV is not 4k HDR with 120hz, we only play the Sims and Minecraft Dungeons right now. It feels like the perfect machine for that.

I love the way it looks and I would love to own one just for that reason!

But being honest, the value proposition just wouldn’t make sense for me as an enthusiast gamer who needs a lot of storage. Even as a secondary console, it would make more sense for me to spend the extra $200 on another Series X.

It’s cute, but no, I prefer the Series X

While it’s absolutely superb that they managed to get it all in such a small box and at that amazing price…no,XSX all the way.

Design wise especially. The design of the XSX has really grown on me. It blends finely in the living room. Not too fond of the XSS with the black speaker look.

I think the S is better value for what you get. Looks better - it’s gorgeous and does a good job. It makes gaming accessible.

I am happy playing on either S or X. That’s pretty good id say.

The Series X is better but i absolutely adore my Series S. So happy to experience Yakuza like a Dragon in 60fps. The console itself is the most beautiful looking console ever in my opinion.


I wish it was possible to have X in the S form factor. I love how clean it is and am a sucker for the recent white Xbox consoles, which to me are literally the top three console designs ever (Series S, One X in white, One S).

Maybe we get a digital only Series X in the Series S form factor in 4 years at $299. That’s the reason why I don’t want to invest in a third Xbox Series. At some point a revision will happen.

It’s super nice looking and small. Definitely been eyeing one for the bedroom.

Yeah I need one for my bedroom too. Wasn’t thinking of getting one at first but the fact that it is SO small is really tempting me.