So that Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City movie was Booty Cheeks, Thoughts?


This is a Spoiler Room for people who have seen the movie. If you haven’t then this is your chance to leave

So, i thought i would put just a number of small details. Then we could discuss the rest in the comments. Feel free to bring up other stuff because there is a lot!!! Im just putting down small notes of what are the most stand out

  1. Combine the first two games into one movie and make it into a 90 Minute film. Genuis

  2. Change Leons Origin from first day on the job rookie. Instead to an academy fuck up who accidentally shot his partner and got transferred to RPD by his father? Excellent

  3. Give the Truck driver from the beginning of RE2 more screen time and put Claire there as well with him driving to Racoon City. Incredible!

  4. Make Claire Abrasive and incredibly rude to everyone to show how powerful of a female character she is. Wokeness

  5. Make Leon into a bumbling idiot who throughout the whole movie is constantly being harassed by the other police officers for being a bumbling idiot. Fantastic!

  6. Make Leon incapable of thinking for himself and taking action independently. To instead being told what to do every single second of the film while holding his hand. Genuis

  7. No Marvin. Genuis

  8. No Mr X. Big brain

  9. No Ava. Instead for the after credits. Smart

  10. Wesker now instead of being a straight villian. Is now an Anti Hero with sympathy? Genuis

  11. Leon kills a grand total of about 2 zombies throughout the whole movie. Incredible

  12. Chris is the Leon of the movie and has the most action (which at times was actually pretty good)

  13. Leon pulls a fucking Bazooka out from the front of the cargo train (with no transition scene of him finding or implying that he found the Bazooka) and kills the Tyrant zombie for a grand finale with him doing nothing for most of the film. Genuis

  14. Random cow gets fucked up for no reason and dies horribly

  15. Everyone walks out from the tunnel collapsing to rock music at the end like a marvel movie. Sigh

I mean, you could tell it was bad from the trailer.

I just didn’t expect this level of bad. Plus it was a free amc movie ticket that i used. So it didn’t hurt that much

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What is the point of this being cinema only

Guess I made the right choice skipping it? Was too tired to do another movie after Gucci (which was no Best Picture either, lemme tell ya).

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Yes it was the right choice, there was a lot of audible sighs throughout the audience. And some even walked out before it ended

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Point 4 “wokeness” you say that like it’s a bad thing.

Claire… who’s always been a strong female character, is now considered to be “woke” for showing her as such? The movie looked like garbage, but come on that whole point is about as off-the-mark as you can get.