So, Monday might be an interesting day?


Knowing the way Geoff operates he is probably hyping the most banal blog post about say Xbox rewards or something…

Actually is he not just joking because of Xbox’s recent Monday announcements?

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Hey! I love rewards, don’t downplay them :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully the news is that rewards and quests come to more countries soon cuz that shit ain’t available in many places yet.

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Probably next showcase announcement?

This close to launch it could be anything: I’m hoping for another showcase of sorts, but given that Bethesda was announced via blog post, pretty much anything is in the cards.


Apparently last week Xbox wire Russia said something like “next week 5 is coming” and they responded with this Awkward gif that Xbox twitter used for Lockhart leak lolol

What could this be? :thinking:

Some people suggested Halo 5 for PC, but I don’t know, that’s not exciting at all lol

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More acquisitions I think.

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I honestly don’t think it’s anything but let’s have fun…

Halo 5 for PC…if anything this seems likely.

Gears 5 series x stuff shown? Unlikely since they were talking end of October…

Forza Horizon 5?

Fallout 5?

The 5th is a Monday (i.e. Tomorrow)


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After the news about Apple TV on Xbox I would guess Xcloud on iPhones.

Love how Mondays are slowly becoming Xbox’s nuclear bomb day.


I honestly took this as just a joke by Keighly due to all of Microsoft’s recent Monday announcements, but I guess we shall see!


I bet Xbox has a monster announcement on November 9th, one day before the console is released.


I bet it’ll be Apple Arcade on Xbox.

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Jez saying to not expect tooooooooooo much.

But that means there is something to be expected! :smirk: