So is MS now the biggest, most valuable games company?

I’m not talking hardware, but just software.

With the amount of studios MS has, along with the games IP, is MS now the most valuable games developer/publisher?

I mean, just look at the IP alone.



Forza MS

Forza H

Flight SIM









Etc Etc Etc

Is there any major dev or publisher that has an equal amount of studios and IP? I mean, Minecraft alone is bigger than 99% of games.

Also, what value would it be worth now?


There are a few different metrics but I would say yes because

  • They have the most billion dollar + IP’s as far as I know, even more than Nintendo
  • They have the the greatest number of high quality internal developers
  • They have the best selling game of all time with the most monthly active players
  • They have by far the number game subscription service
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They are the biggest gaming company and it only took them a day to change into that, lol.

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No. Sony still has double the annual revenue of MS Gaming. $20 billion to $10 billion. I don’t think Microsoft can ever exceed Sony, but they can get to close than 2 to 1 down. Maybe 1.3 to 1.

Possibly, but Tencent probably still surpases them in book value.

Ahhh isn’t xbox net worth around $600B ?

In terms of assets , Yes.