So I'm getting a Nvidia Shield TV!

As I’ve mentioned in the Gaming Investment thread, GeForce Now is the solution I’ve needed and barely knew existed until this weekend:

Elite Dangerous on Xbox was my spaceship game, until the devs worked for 2+ years to add on…a FPS game. I moved on, hunting for other space games.

I saw X4 Foundations in action. I wanted to buy it. Badly. Its probably not coming to console. Ever. But, I didn’t want to upgrade my desktop PC to play one game and there’s no way my laptop could handle it.

…long story short, I’ve just ordered a Nvidia Shield TV stick and…and…I’m suddenly a PC gamer!! :crazy_face: As soon as the Shield comes that’s plugged into my telly and I can fire up GeForce Now and X4 Foundations on it and OhMyGoD, I could play other games which are PC only for just £129 + Geforce Now subscription.


I don’t really need the Shield TV, I was considering just running a long HDMI cable from the laptop to the TV, but the Shield TV just strikes me as a more elegant solution, minus a cable running over the floor.

Does anyone else here have a Nvidia Shield TV? What are your impressions of it? Regardless I could add my feedback when I get mine tomorrow.


Unfortunately not all PC games are on it and it’s a publisher by publisher basis.

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I have one and love it, but don’t use it for gaming so I don’t know how much my feedback is useful for most folks here. As an Android TV box it’s great though. It’s the primary device in my dedicated home theatre, where I use it mostly as a Plex and Netflix machine, with some YouTubing thrown into the mix here and there.


Yeah, I noticed that. Hopefully it will get more support because its a good way for developers to get more people playing their games, minus expensive PC hardware. Of course, if the game is on Xbox Game Pass/Series X then that’s not an issue for me.

Yeah, its got great app support. I’ll have a look at it but my Sammy TV supports most of those apps. Still, the Shield TV has got some upscaling tricks up its sleeve so I’ll try to compare picture quality between that and my Smart TV apps.

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I wonder when they’ll release a new version. We may have had one by now we’re it not for the pandemic and chip shortages. That’s the only reason why I’m still on Roku/Chromecast with GoogleTV setup. Knowing my luck the moment I pick some up is when they release the next revision.

Maybe at CES?

I have one mostly for Kodi, re geforce now alot of publishers seem to have no interest with it so I imagin most new additions will be indie related.

Day 1 Impressions:

Right, got it. I went for the basic, cylinder-shaped model. Its small, quiet (no fan) and will probably fit behind your telly out of view, without someone walking into your home and asking you ‘WHAT’S THAT?!?!?’

Installation was more or less painless, the hardest part was typing in my login for Steam and Epic Game stores via the on-screen keyboard/mouse (and I think there’s an app for that). Note there’s no HDMI cable supplied. I can confirm that my Xbox Series X controller can connect to the Shield TV via Bluetooth.

I upgraded to the Priority membership package for GeForce Now (£45 for 6 months, Premium PC Rig, RTX enabled, 1080p @ 60fps, 6 hour play sessions…its Xmas ok?? :grinning:). Just had a quick play of Crysis Remastered (which you get for free when upgrading to Priority membership) and its impressive considering its being streamed. My (wired) connection is 200Mb. Latency wasn’t an issue during my gaming session. Nvidia have done a good job there.

For those who want more eye-candy, there’s a Highest Performance plan (£89 for six months), based on PCs using 3080 GPUs and offering 4K/RTX/HDR gaming via Shield TVs. There’s also a free plan, based on a basic PC rig, but at peak times you’ll end up in a queue waiting for a cloud-rig to become available. When I tried the free-plan after 5.30pm today, I was at position 334 in the queue for a West European server :scream:.

The paid plans give you priority access, allowing you to jump the queue and get on with the important task of having fun (I believe its called Gaming around here :wink:):

As for Games, there’s quite a selection, more then just Indie stuff. New games are added every Thursday:

Its a really nice, budget way to get access to some PC-only games with decent, RTXed visuals which are beyond most mid-range PCs and even the next-gen consoles. Its not a Game Pass alternative, in that you have to buy the games from Steam/Epic, on top of a potential membership fee.

What you’re paying for here is the ability to run these games in the cloud, on far beefier PC hardware than you own in your home, for a faction of the price of the equivalent PC/GPU hardware. In that context, it works very well. Of course, a decent broadband connection is required, minus any caps.

Note there’s nothing stopping you from using GeForce Now on your existing PC/laptop, or even mobile. I chose the Shield TV because I wanted to play games on the big TV screen, via a wired network setup, without a HDMI cable going across the floor from my laptop to my telly. There’s some reports of GeForce Now working on Xbox consoles via the Edge browser, but, AIAIK, some games on there have been blocked.

The only GeForce Now/Shield TV issues I’ve read about so far is that the Steam Cloud gaming seems a bit flaky with some games, there’s reports of games not being saved with X4 Foundations for instance. Dunno if that’s been fixed or is an ongoing issue. Also, expansions to games on the service seem to take some time to become available, or so I’ve read. I think it supports multi-player gaming.

Oh, and I need to get this thing outputting 5.1 surround sound.

As for media streaming, it does the business. Its got hardware AI-assisted scaling but it doesn’t seem to work via BBC iPlayer. Haven’t tested yet with other content.

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I have a shield and I don’t like it. It’s too flakey. I’ve not tried gaming on it for a while though.

For me GeForce Now is a nice cheap way to expand into PC gaming. But I’ve only been using it for a few days so give me a year and I might agree its flakey too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d stay away from the tube model. I have had nothing but stability and performance problems with it. My 2017 model has been great however.

I’ve had no issues (so far) with my 2019 Tube. I did consider the Pro model but that seemed overkill for my needs.

Ditto. I have two, the first one since launch and it’s the one I use the most. And my secondary I got last year (or maybe early this year) and it too is going strong. I’m surprised to hear about flakiness and stability problems. Crossing my fingers that mine continue to be workhorses.

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Between Game Pass and GeForce Now, I won’t have a shortage of games to play. :grinning:

Mine is fine so far, the AI upscaling is great and makes movies on Plex look like 4K. Gaming via GeForce Now works very well, no complaints so far. User interface is very responsive.

It’s the tube model I have. Every single app works better on my Samsung TV so I basically don’t use it now.