So I went shopping yesterday and I saw this

…never seen a console manufacturer selling clothing in a major superstore before. :+1:


Which store was this?


A tenner is pretty good too. Any other designs?

No, it was the only one I saw, they should do more because this one looks good. I was surprised to see it in Tesco and not in the nearby GAME store.

Xbox merchandise in the UK haa been increasing over the past year I’ve noticed.

Im suprised about the amount of clothing Xbox actually offers.

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wow thats i nice shirt aswell

I have a couple Xbox shirts I got from my local Gamestop a few months back. Also my son has a couple Minecraft shirts. Minecraft stuff is sold everywhere.

I would never ever wear Xbox/Sony/Nintendo branded clothes.

Never ever.

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Only place I’d wear such stuff is indoors.

I have a ton of one off film T shirts for movies I’ve worked on. Same thing I only wear those indoors.

Pretty much every single piece of “expensive” clothes I own and wear have a logo. I wear my company logo clothing all the time. LiverpoolFC jersey, hoody, tshirt, got dozens of those, or other sport stuff like SJ Sharks, SF 49ers. Even at 60, I’m total junkie for these stuff.

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The only gaming clothes I have is a t shirt resembling the Lion King scene where Simba walks across a log with Timmon and Pumba, growing up. The only difference is that the shirt has Mario, Sonic and Crash walking across it.

Apart from that yeah I don’t have anything properly branded and likely wouldn’t wear it outdoors lol.

Xbox went shopping yesterday too

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