So how does the Xbox Series S compare with the Xbox One X for game resolution and performance?

I was wondering how the Series S has compared to the One X with multiplats so far? I would expect the CPU to smash the old Jaguar on the One X, but what about on a GPU front? With the Series S being RDNA 2, and the One X being GCN, people were saying that although the One X has 50% more power, the Series S should match it due to the effiencies of the RDNA 2 architecture. The best way to compare this is through the relative resolution of each console playing the same game.

So in the real world, how have they compared? Say for instance if you put RDR2 on the Series S, does it match the 4k resolution of the One X version? I know its only back compat, but does it play it in 4k or does it do it in a lower resolution?

Same goes for Forza MS 7. Its 4k 60 on the One X, but how does it play on the series S? I would expect it to mirror the One X resolution for sure, but does it?

Series S in back compat runs the one S profile. So that means RDR2 is not gonna be 4K, cuz that only was available in the one X profile. Same with everything else.

Series S shall be running games better due to better cpu and new gpu architecture, but in the majority of the time will have worse resolution compared to one X, and that’s a good tradeoff. The performance cost of going from 1080 to 4K is not linear, it’s rather bad actually. 4k is a massive performance hog, that’s why tech like DLSS, DRS are becoming popular.

All that power just for pushing 4K resolution costs so much more, so that’s why the series s is aimed to target 1080-1440p.

Well one X do 1080 60 in Forza Horizon 4. Series S also can do 1080p 60. Don’t know about the settings.

I think Horizon 4 was a mishmash of effects. Some missing from One X, others added over One X. Was the resolution DRS or constant 1080P on series S?

Yeah I get the idea of having a budget machine, however you really don’t want to see resolutions dropping below 1080P in next gen consoles. 1080P-1440p range should be fine.

FH4 never had a DRS system.

Nah I’m sure we’ll continue seeing 900p stuff on it haha, not every developer is gonna optimize to the level of Moon or Coalition, in fact I expect most of em to be pretty hacky and serviceable at best. It is what it is.

It has the CPU power to play games at 60 fps that the One X couldn’t but it can’t do native 4k for games that the One X could. It’s why many S versions of games are 1080p60 or 1440p30 with more post processing.

This is why its interesting. People were saying that 4tflops of RDNA 2 should match 6tflops of GCN, but I doubt it is the case. Infact I can’t see the Series S get anywhere near the One X resolution wise. Maybe if you start exploiting VRS and Mesh Shaders it can.

Series S will probably see better optimised games once it’s install base grows. Right now some devs are focusing on 4K 30fps for Series S which makes me think they don’t understand the point of the console.

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The XSS is designed for 1080p TV’s. X1X is designed for 4k TV’s…how is this kinda ‘question’ still a thing?


The seriesS can do 4k, it does it with ori and the falconeer. However xbox one games wont do the 1X 4k mode because it lacks the required ram.

To answer the OP, The SeriesS was designed for people who dont care about the on paper resolution, they just want there games to look good and be a jaggie mess, even 720p still look perfectly acceptable with decent AA on tvs no bigger then 50inch. The vast majority of people really dont care, they are still happily playing GTA5 @ 1080p.

Its the same reason why cgi like toy story still looks good in @ 480p CRT, its a little different because cgi movies are rendered in very high resolutions, but its a similer effect AA has on games.

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And also no one concern on series X and PS5 when they don’t hit there 4k resolution target in many games.