So, did anyone else just buy their Xbox Series X from scalpers?

I have to admit it, I got sick of waiting up for pre-orders and trying to find out when stock was going to be released and just bought two of them from scalpers.

I paid $850AUD for one of them and $900AUD for the other. That’s one hundred and one hundred and fifty over the retail price. Both were new and sealed with receipts.

In hindsight, with the expected shortages lasting most of the year it was such a bad deal.

Anyone else bite the bullet, and what did you pay?

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Yeah I know. In a perfect world there would be enough stock manufactured and scalpers wouldn’t exist.

But I really wanted them. Plus, one was for my kids birthday, and there was no guarantee I would be able to source one at the shops before 4th May.


A friend of mine did, but “only” for 550€ (50€ more than the retail price). The thing is unobtainable even in a PS land like Italy.


I prefer picking up a console one year later (or more) from a legit store’s shelf than giving my money to scum, I am good with my One X. :slight_smile:


No because Its never that serious tbh.


Nah, I missed the pre-orders (the MS store was borked all day long) but I was able to secure one at midnight on launch day. Received it on Novemebr 30th though :unamused:

Really enjoying the console so far!


Do you want Uncle Kiryu have to gather all of us around the dinner table to have a serious talk?

As this is how you get Uncle Kiryu to gather all of us around the dinner table to have a serious talk!

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Yes and no. Yes I bought my Series X over RRP, but it was from a shop and it was only 50 euros more, and it was a treat to play for the last month before starting a new job so I am not ashamed. I would do it again!!!


CONGRATS on the new job :partying_face:

I have been giddy about it for months, I am just finishing my first month this week and its AMAZING!


Nope got mine launch week from best buy

I was lucky and was able to get one on launch but I would’ve caved and bought one from eBay if it came down to it. Waiting over a year to save $100 and be left out of the new console is not for me. I support your decision because I would’ve done the same thing.


No, I preorder 2 at launch, one for myself and one for my other half.

I also nabbed a third a couple weeks later for someone else.

I literally just followed deals foundry on twitter and got my preorder in.

I also preordered a ps5 digital 42 minutes after preorder went live on amazon and later cancelled it as I couldn’t justify it, especially the idea of £70 digital games.

Later on, I got a ps5 disc edition and had it for a couple weeks and shifted it as the ui did my head in and I didn’t really care for anything on it sadly.

Well that’s a partial lie, astros play room was great, and I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys have a stab at ape escape.

Spiderman what came bundled with it, I thought was okay, I was surprised to find myself enjoying the MAIN campaign of avengers more though (dropped end game very quickly)

Plus how noisy the system was annoyed me, you turn it on and it just starts making loads of noise for a solid minute or two.

I sold it for what I paid for it though, didn’t have it in me to rip someone off.

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Yeah, I told my kid he could get a Series X for Xmas. Well we couldn’t get one for him, so I told him we could deff get him one for his birthday in May. Turns out that was not looking possible either. So I just said screw it and grabbed a couple. I’m happy with the price as I think the console is worth it.


No. I got a Series S to tide me over. And when I do, my Series S will become my UWP development machine. But then I found out my 4k TV doesn’t support many of the new features.

I was happy to buy Series X in November by just taking it from a shelf in a store whch, looking at it now, seems unreal. Even more so, it was probably on Friday and from Monday shops were going to be closed due to new Covid restrictions. It’s my first Xbox console btw.


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Plus all the great emulation you can do on that little thing in the meantime.

In a way, yeah. SX and PS5 in brazil are officially priced at almost $1000

Once I kinda scalped something. A NES mini. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it, I really didn’t so I ebayed it. I was not going to be the one idiot ebaying it at lower price than market price.

I don’t feel proud about it but not ashamed either. If someone thinks that because they are loyal to a certain brand or product you deserve a privilege… That is dreamland thinking.

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