Snoop Dogg has an Xbox Series X fridge!



Wow that’s awesome.

Is this official from Ms or he just built a custom one (which I imagine would be very possible if you pay for it)

I think its official:

It isn’t clear what Snoop Dogg and Microsoft are up to, but it’s almost certain that they’re working together on something; an ad campaign, giveaway, or even a longer-term partnership akin to Travis Scott’s “creative collaboration” with Sony to promote PS5. For what it’s worth, Snoop recently celebrated his 49th birthday, which explains the cake, but I highly doubt that’s the full extent of the situation. The glowing green stage in the video definitely points to some sort of commercial, which could’ve been shot today. Whatever’s going on, we’re sure to find out pretty soon.

Oh gonna keep an eye on that. But I imagine bringing a whole freezer to Brazil might be too cost prohibitive :cry:

Maybe. but MS should consider selling a limited number of those fridges, I know one of them would look good in my kitchen. :wink:

Great way of twisting the ‘Series X is a fridge!’ meme into something positive.

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I love today’s Xbox man, i just do. What other company do you see embrace this kind of thing? I mean it started as a joke and they fully embraded the meme, love it.


Indeed, same as Craig, or getting on board with the SS leaks.

Quite different from the 2013 MS that would instead get pissed at the memes which only made them worse.


An I the only person who see this as Snoop doing this for easy money? I thought that when the there was that Battlefield 4 showcase with Major Nelson and Bongo

Who doesn’t like easy money? Heck, who are we to say what he’s doing for Xbox (or for that matter, what Travis Scott is doing for Sony) as ‘easy’?

You guys gonna love this!

Internet : Xbox is a fridge meme

Xbox team : let’s roll with this meme


Gotta love how they full embraced the meme to the point of actually producing some of them. Didn’t expect them to go this far with it lol.

As per iJustine

3 of these are made.

Snoop dog has one. Justine has one.

The third will be given in a tweeter sweepstakes in US!

Well, I for one will welcome our Xbox Series X Fridge Overlords. :grinning:

It’s funny how far they’re embracing it, if the meme was done in a negative light to crap on Xbox then it’s probably turned into more of a funny thing than a dig haha. It’s the whole thing once the Facebook parents get onto a meme it’s dead.

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