Skyward Sword for Switch leak on Amazon

Love this game!

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Awesome. One of my favourite Zelda games.


The only modern Zelda I’ve never played. I would be all over this.

Never played this one, wonder how well it has aged visually.

Redone in HD this would be fucking GORGEOUS. Arguably the best looking Zelda game around.


Interesting, I will look into it more. :slight_smile:

I remember twilight Princess looking quite ugly on wii u, but windwaker still looked gorgeous (due to art style I would assume) :slight_smile:

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Sweet I never played this. I was not a fan of the whole wii waggle so missed a lot of Nintendo games they released at the time. I’ll pick this up for sure.


This was a weird Zelda. I remember the hype just being through the roof, and then it dropped, and a lot of people were disappointed overall. Mostly due to the combat.

My top 3 will always be OOT, Majora, and Windwaker - but Skyward Sword had its benefits. At least it had proper dungeons, unlike BotW.

Artistically it was a washed water colour look. I think this game aged like fine wine.

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This would be awesome! I had it on Wii, but I just never got around to playing. Or was that Wii U? Not sure. I will get this!

Just like Mario Sunshine. Hope that’s still happening.