Skyrim documentary : Nine developers recount the making of the game

I felt this needed its own thread. I love seeing things like this. Some very interesting things here like:

Side quests being very important, how it should feel like yours when you discover them, not like how some games say you discovered 2 out of 5 secrets.

Friendly Rivalry between two employees which drove both to make the best stuff they ever made.

They talk about a critter system like the butterflies. That critters at the time seemed like a harmless addition to Skyrim, but also that this is a Bethesda game and that it almost broke everything. Like this bee that would fly around and touched the wagon at the start of the game, this made the whole thing basically stop, lol.

I highly recommend to watch this and also check out this channel because it has stuff from Fallout too. All very interesting.


Sounds very interesting, I love this sort of thing. Skyrim is an amazing experience, and it sounds like watching this will only deepen my appreciation for that game.

I don’t really have 53 minutes at my disposal right now, but I’ll for sure check it out later. Well, that’s not entirely true, I do have the time right now, it’s just that Halo Infinite beckons more. :slight_smile: Just started the campaign today, and loving it so far.

But I might just catch this doc later this evening. Thanks for posting.