Skyrim Anniversary Edition Disc

Since doesn’t give me an option to ask a general question, thought someone may be able to answer my question here. I recently bought Skyrim Anniversary Edition, what I’ve gathered is that Anniversary Edition is just special edition with the dlcs and four free creations. My issue is my Skyrim says Game Pass even though I installed and updated from my disc, I haven’t played skyrim on game pass at all… and on the main menu it show Anniversary Update Available and when I click x it prompts me to pay $17.99 for the update even though I bought the Anniversary Disc for Xbox One. I’m a bit confused .

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The Anniversary edition includes the special edition (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn) and all of the Creation Club content.

If you only own the special edition you will get 4 CC content for free.

You should have a code in the box to upgrade to the Anniversary Edition.

You know, I asked at gamestop and they told me this when I bought it; and when I opened the box I looked right at the code but I completely spaced it haha… I really appreciate the quick response.

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