Six new games coming to Xbox Game Pass

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  • Indivisible was in GP 3-4 years ago and to this day they didn’t bother to fix their broken Xbox achievement. PC achievements are fine.

  • Play Arise on a difficulty lower than normal because of bullet sponges.


Boltgun is so good, play it ASAP!!


Video added in



Is it cross-progression or do saves not flow between xbox and pc?

Don’t think so. This is like before Xbox went more aggressive on it.

Thanks. Makes sense since its an older game.

I was hoping most of it could be played on console and just switching to PC for the segments with achievements.

I think thats how some are suggesting to get an easy double-stack on Tales of Arise, play the Xbox One version up until achievement moment, then xfer save to the Series X|S version and play tiny bit to get that achievement, then go back to playing Xbox One version.

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Out of the list, Bluey is the big one and games like this will get parents to invest in Game Pass, for their kids.