Site Updates, New Features and more!


Hi folks!

Just wanted to get your attention and make you aware of the following updates:

Site Maintenance & Downtime

We’ve noticed over the last few months some instability when multiple users are all active, usually around busy periods following huge news announcements.

Thanks to our Patrons and the wider community, we’re in a position to upgrade our backend even further, allowing for a faster, more stable experience, in addition to increasing our overall server capacity.

Downtime should be expected on Thursday 18th March 2021, starting at approximately 2100hrs GMT. I’ve allowed myself a couple of hours to perform this maintenance, but hopefully it’ll be a lot faster than that.

Site Update -

We’ve now enabled a couple of nifty features for XboxEra.

The site is now a PWA (Progressive Web App) meaning YOU (yes, you!) can “install” the site as a native application on your mobile device or Windows 10 desktop.

On mobile, we’ve enabled caching, meaning the app will continue to pull news/updates as we post them, even if you’re not viewing the site. The app version will then work “offline”, so you can read us wherever you are.

Simply “install as app” or “add to homescreen” and your phone should do the rest.

Push Notifications -

In addition, we’ve also enabled push notifications from the site itself, so as the latest Xbox and Gaming news is posted by our team, you can be pinged accordingly.

You can opt in or out at any time, and as we don’t post spam or anything, we’re hoping you all find this useful.

This feature should be available across PC, iOS and Android.


Interesting. I’ve already been using it this way on my android for many months now. :thinking:

For the forum, sure. That’s a native feature. The site itself would work as a PWA on some devices, but this is more inclusive now.


ohhhh that makes sense yeah, my bad, lol. Thanks for the clarification.

When the Bethesda exclusive talk happened the website had a heart attack haha it was getting slammed so hardcore, good to see some upgrades. Would love to know the numbers during those few days, must’ve been crazy.

Not entirely related to these new features, but my gawd, the site has a front page and all outside the forums! It looks very nice and clean. :sunglasses:


One I can share is that since the forum launched, it’s been viewed 5,000,000 times. Not bad going for a little community like ours.