Site Update: New Feature - Text Formatting Toolbar

Hey Everyone!

Apologies if you noticed a slight disruption to the site earlier as I pushed a quick update.

I’ve enabled Text formatting to our toolbar. For those of you creating OT’s (and those that have a teensy bit of OCD in them!) you can now:

Centre Text and Images!
or align it…
To the left!
And of course, to the right.

You can even put images next to your text, instead of underneath or above. While the button only currently exists to do this to the left (as that makes the most sense), you can use the code below to do the same but to the right - [ floatr ] [ /floatr ]


We also have colours, which you can customise via hex code. Don’t abuse these, they may be used for OT headers etc only, not in your average post.

Same goes for making your text larger.

For those of you with big, fancy OTs that are image heavy, I hope you find these new tools of use.

I will be checking for updates on those OT’s!