Since XSX won't have optical, I decided to hook up my TB with the TV. That's no good!


I had totally forgotten that XSX won’t have optical support, so basically that means I can say bye bye to using my Turtle Beach Elite 800x on it. Yes, this headset has its issues but I love the audio, I am a bass junkie and no headset (tried many) produces this kind of bass. Friend of mine then sent me a picture and said “looks like it will have optical after all” but that picture turned out to be fan made, sadly. Got my hopes up for nothing.

Then this same friend said he uses his ASTRO A50 with optical cable going into his TV (so he can use it for both Xbox and PS4) he said he doesn’t hear any difference compared to having the optical cable from headset charge/transmitter station to Xbox itself. So I decided to give it a try but the difference is ridiculous. The very powerful bass is very toned down when I connect the cable to my TV compared to when I have it in the Xbox. This makes sense too since it gets actual Dolby Digital or in my case Atmos (for headphones) when directly connected to Xbox, not via TV. Major Nelson also posted here a while ago and said you can connect it via the TV too, but it really downgrades the audio badly.

What are the chances of MS introducing a adaptor of some sort so that I can still hook my optical cable up to the Xbox instead of the TV?

i own the astros A40 pro trs and i no there is a update once the series x is released so you can still use them with out the optical cable and still get the 7.1 sound just using the usb connection

Hopefully they will provide this for the Turtle Beach Elite 800x as well. Man that would be a huge relief.

Did ASTRO promise this themselves?

Do we know of any headsets launching around the Series X time? I know Sony is launching their own 3D Audio headset.

I currently own the HyperX Cloud 2’s which are nice, but I’ve been thinking of swapping to something wireless. I was looking at this Lucid headset, anyone know if they are decent? I’d assume they’ll work with the Series X since they paid just like controllers.

I have to have wireless or connect to my controller. Life with cats… :persevere:

So you may be at the mercy of the headset vendor to develop a solution for legacy headsets.

This article is a bit of a window into what’s happening in this space;

But to use [ … ] you’ll need to score a $20 wireless adapter

Some examples discussed;

  • a USB Type-A wireless adapter

  • an HDMI-to-optical audio splitter

Astro will have a HDMI adaptor to extract optical audio

I decided to Google and it seems TB won’t bring support to mine, one or their most expensive headsets goddamn it.

But could a adaptor/extractor maybe still work? Even if TB isn’t gonna do a thing about it?

Wait for astros they claim it will support hdmi 2.1i have a lucid sound and I’m waiting for it

I fear the worst. This is a part taken from Xbox own statement about it all.

“Soundbars and headsets that do not receive updates may be connected directly to your televisions optical port. Starting this holiday, many Designed for Xbox controller charging solutions will also include a second battery door to fit both the new and existing Xbox Wireless Controllers.”

Since mine isn’t listed on the TB site I fear it won’t get an update and this the only option is via the TV, which is just bad, really bad.

I may have to sell these and get Arctis, Lucid or ASTRO.

Yes they put a post up on Facebook last week saying about how they would work on the xbox and the ps5 really did not fancy buying another set lol

No need to change… from astros website on their hdmi audio splitter

*The ASTRO HDMI Adapter will be available via ASTRO websites and retailers globally in October for $39.99. It enables game sound + voice chat mixing and features lagless 4K HDMI video passthrough while adding a TOSLINK optical jack.

But that’s ASTRO, I have Turtle Beach.

I am still gonna try out one of those extractor/adapter things that are already out now but it seems TB themselves aren’t gonna update this headset.

But I mean you can use this adapter whit any brand

Oh wait, I missed your point then.

That is good news! The one thing I just hope is that it won’t degrade picture quality since HDMI cable won’t go straight from Xbox to TV anymore. Would you happen to know what the chances of lower picture quality are?

If the claims of Astro team are true this will no affect image quality and add no latency

On Reddit someone gave me a link to Amazon, apparently these kind of adapters are already on sale. Maybe cheaper too, that be nice. Hey if PQ and audio quality don’t take a big hit…it’s go time!

Be careful with the currently offered adapters! I haven’t seen a single one that is actually HDMI 2.1

Look out for at least 40Gb/s speed

Ah you mean I should have one that’s future proof for XSX? Got ya. I might just wait until I have the XSX first.

Yeah, that’s what I’m getting at. The splitter not being full HDMI 2.1 would mean you couldn’t use nice things like VRR, which even the XSS supports.

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